"Tray" Chic

Lately, I've got a thing for trays.

Not a big thing, more of a small thing.

But a thing, nevertheless.

I've come to adore them for storing bits and pieces that would otherwise lie cluttered on a counter top or a shelf. It just makes the whole situation look much more organized.

For instance, I have an Americana tray salvaged from an estate sale to hold our daily mail that we'd normally just dump on the bar.

Then there's this ivory beauty I purchased from Hobby Lobby for a couple bucks that contains some treasured items in my office, which I recently decorated.

A tray or chest of sorts resides in the guest bathroom, dutifully offering soap and a hand towel. The back of the box is decorated with directionals and compasses, perfect for the lighthouse theme going on in there.

Another tray guards glass bottles of fruits and foods preserved in vinegar. Situated in their tray, they look like they belong there rather then scattered between the paper towel holder and the blender, don't ya think?

Across the way, on its neighboring counter top, is a Texas rustic tray-box that contains our treasured beer steins and shot glasses we collected while living and traveling abroad.

On our coffee table, another metal tray proffers decorative balls.

Dog toys and collars are stuffed into a large tray container by the back door.

I even purchased a $2.50 Easter tray from Target this week, which wasn't pretty at first...

...but came around with a coat of Rust-Oleum's Heirloom White spray paint. 

Now I'm twiddling my fingers with glee to decide what to do with it. It might eventually take the place of the kitchen table centerpiece, to free up that tray to hold my husband's rings, wallets and other items on his dresser top.

Speaking of the kitchen table, here's the new tray purchased from Hobby Lobby for $6 and some fun St. Patty's day items. I don't really decorate for any holidays other than fall and Christmas, so I decided it would be reasonable to have a small table centerpiece or tray that could be adjusted to the seasons, considering all this "tray-ziness" going on. (You see what I did there? Combining the word tray with craziness for a little special effect? Clever, indeed.)

 I love the rustic chicken wire and wood combo, and enjoy looking at a photo of the husband and I during St. Patrick's day in Chicago several years ago.

Green leaves clipped from an overgrown bush in the front yard sit in a dark olive green jar, another Hobby Lobby buy for $4.

I see a wee white doggy face watching me from outside!

It's simple, which is what I wanted. I like the table to be open and inviting, not cluttered with table clothes and too many elements. Although I do take care to set the table with dark burgundy place mats, napkins and black dishes when company calls. 

All in a "tray's" work! 

winking smiley


  1. I like tray-zinness!!! Can't wait to see them all in person! Your home is looking so warm and personal. I love what all you guys have done!

  2. Just another trayz-day. I need more trays in my life!


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