Get Moovin' March: Moovin' Monday!

This is it. My Moovin' Monday! Here goes....

Due to our impending trip to Italy, I have decided to take my health and fitness a bit more seriously. Starting now. Why you ask? Well, I know we'll be poolside at some point during our Italian adventure, and I can only imagine myself next to tan, gorgeous looking Italian women. In a bikini. So I'm allowing it to be my motivation to work a little bit harder the next few months.

Ironically, when I decided to do this just two days ago, I was reading a new friend's blog and she had just posted that she was spending the month of March cutting out fast food and upping her workouts. Perfect!

So I'm joining forces with Casey over at The Ever-Changing Life of a Military Wife for Get Moovin' March! It's a pretty simple plan and anyone is welcome to come along and try it out with me. Here's the deal:

*I'm giving up all fast food and fried food during March.
*Each week must involve 3-4 workouts.
*Each Monday, I'll post a blog update tracking my progress and my workout and eating plans for the following seven days.

(We buy all our groceries for the week on either Saturday or Sunday, so this makes it easy for me to map out what I'm cooking/eating during the week. But if this isn't your style, don't let it deter you from joining me! Just make more generalized plans about what you want to eat, or skip that step altogether and simply keep up with your workout days. You can cut out the fast food without having to keep a running list of what you're eating during the week anyway.)

Easy, right!? I hope so. To stay perfectly honest with you, this isn't for me to set some goal of becoming super skinny. I don't think of myself as grotesquely overweight, although I will admit to struggling with my weight gain since my athletic days six years ago as a synchronized swimmer. I see old pictures and long to be in that kind of shape again, but it required 30+ hours of swimming each week and regular strength training. That's why I was an athlete. Today, I realize I need attainable yet reasonable goals. And my ultimate goal is to simply feel good and strong. I have a tendency to gain weight when I start working out regularly, hopefully it's muscle mass but who knows. So I'm not basing my results on a number off the scale, but rather how I feel, if I met my goals and do my clothes fit better. And most importantly? Confidence. I want to wear what I wear knowing that I'm working hard to stay fit and feel good about it. Especially if I'm going to be wearing a bikini in Italy in the summer.

So without further ado, here's my first Moovin' Monday post!

This week's workout plan:
*Sunday - elliptical - 30 min
*Monday - spin class - 45 min
*Wednesday - kickboxing class - 45 min
*Thursday - Shred DVD - 20 min

That'll be about it this week since we leave for Prague on Friday morning!

This week's eating plan:
*Breakfasts: coconut whole grain granola bar and tea or two pieces bacon and two egg whites scrambled. If I'm really in a hurry, it's an apple with a little peanut butter.
Mon-Wed are salads at work, loaded with sunflower seeds, light shredded cheese, raisins, carrots, sliced apples, tuna or ham, light dressing and a couple croutons.
Thursay lunch is whole grain minestrone soup and toast.
Mon - rump steak with steamed zucchini and broccoli
Tues - baked chicken breasts with bbq sauce, corn and garlic bread
Wed - grilled sirloin steak with zucchini, broccoli and grilled onions
Thurs - pasta with meat sauce, fresh salad

Below is the button from Casey's blog, feel free to check out her page and see posts from other followers who are also linking up to join the Get Moovin' March plan. Whenever I make a Moovin' Monday post, just click on the button to view her blog and you'll be able to access all the entries that fellow bloggers have posted each Monday tracking their progress as well.

Grab The Button! 

We can do it!!


  1. EXCELLENT! Count me in!! I will do yoga today and hopefully some walks on the beach and the use of a fitness center at our hotel in Florida! GREAT IDEA you have! YOU can DO it!! We ALL can!!

  2. Your paragraph about motivation totally sums up everything I wanted to say more eloquently than I ever could have said it! I know I won't be what I used to, but I can certainly be better and more confident than I am now. You so understand!

    Good luck this week. Stick to the plan!

  3. Oh crap. I guess I am signed in to my husband's account. Ha ha! This is Casey...

  4. Way to go! I plan our weekly meals (or did when we had a home! :) ) and it helped SOOO much. You can see everything that goes in and it makes you think about it before eating it. Good luck, I'm sure you both will do great!

  5. Thanks you guys!! Trying my best to have an I-can-do-it-attitude.

    Casey - that's just the editor in me for ya. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be this motivated! After I decided I needed to step it up, I went home and the first thing I happened to read was your blog entry. Fate!

  6. I am taking on Casey's challenge also!! Best of Luck!


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