A day in the life...

I think I've finally caught my breath. Sort of.

It's been a whirlwind 'round here since before we left for Texas. But I'm happy to report the self-sustaining pile of suitcases and clothes on the living room floor is slowly starting to diminish. And it will be all gone by 5pm tomorrow, since I took the liberty of inviting our fellow Americans over for a family dinner. Which will most assuredly motivate me to clear the mess... or at least shove it into the single closet in our flat. Whatever works.

I'm almost caught up on my writing assignments, with hopes of more to come. But I'll also be back to a regular three-day work schedule at the office, and I'm actually looking forward to that. I know you blog readers have been mourning my absence during the past week, right?!!? Right.

I think we'd gotten so accustomed to living in Scotland for the last six months, that spending just one week in Texas has us all upside down again. It's like we're having to get "re-used" to certain things. Funny how for six months we're fine, but one week in America is like pressing the reset button or something. Neither of us have attempted to drink many beers since we returned and we ate at TGI Fridays today, since it's the closet to an American restaurant you can get in Aberdeen. We even frantically searched Asda for all food products that reminded us of home. Some things make decent stand-ins, though they sure could use some Tostitos over here!

Yesterday Mike and I decided to forget about our trip to the gym and head up to the Ferryhill for a couple of drinks and our free serving of fish and chips (free fish Friday around 6pm!). Though I won't be eating much fish and chips for the next 30 days, in light of my newly motivated March plan, which I'll share more of on Monday. But it was good to get out for a bit since I've literally holed myself up inside all week. It was so beautifully sunny the day we returned from the States, but ever since the grayness has ruled the sky. Hazy steel-colored clouds so thick you feel like you could touch them, coupled with gray buildings and streets... well, you get the picture! I am seriously SO OVER winter that its ridiculous. I don't want to be curled under a cozy blanket, I don't want to have to drink hot tea to warm my innards and I don't want to have to crunch through snow or brave blisteringly cold winds whenever I leave our building. I just don't. You have all been so patient in listening to and reading about my rants and raves about the gray world that is Aberdeen in the winter, so I promise to lavish you with photos of the gorgeous spring and summer time should it ever arrive.

In the meantime, I felt the need to cheer up our flat with any sunshine-esque colors I could find. See examples of our fruit bowl and fresh flowers.

I'll admire these best I can while heating up my second cup of tea this evening and writing by the flicker of candles I've got lit around the place. If spring's going to hold out on me a little longer, than I'll do my darndest to put winter in it's best light.

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  1. I LOVE it!!! Especially the last sentence! You have a knack of putting a word frame around the pics you post! Enjoyed seeing you at the picnic table at Ferryhill. I am SO glad I got to visit your world so I can 'place you' in your daily life. I am tired of winter, too! First time EVER!


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