"So, how's the weather?"

Don't knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while.
~Kin Hubbard

That quote couldn't be more true. I thought Scotland's weather, well, anything outside of Texas really, would be a lot more consistent than it has been. But it truly is all over the place: Sunshine comes out of nowhere and you never know how long it'll stay, rain can pour for 10 minutes or 27 hours and clouds move in and out as much as the stock market. Just the other day I went to Fraserburgh for a meeting and we drove through snow, rain, fog and sunshine in less than one hour.

But I'll take the rockin' rays we've had this week. Love 'em. I just can't deal with any more snow and ice at this point, I truly cannot. I saw this quote by Carl Reiner and actually laughed when I read it because it's so me:
 "A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water."
Mike couldn't understand why I was not super thrilled to be able to make snowballs for a week straight, even though I was fairly certain he understood my dislike of cold weather! When he came home from work a couple weeks ago, I had the heaters on high, about two layers of sweats on, candles lit, hot tea in hand and was working on the computer. He said all I was missing were cats. Which is true, my kitties like it cozy too. I really miss them!

But anyway, I was able to wear sunglasses this week for the first time in ages. Baby steps, people, baby steps. Soon I hope to see blooming flowers everywhere and in the next few months wear some cute sandals and shorts!

Here's a shot of the park across from our street:

Even the seagulls were hanging out in the city centre:

The other day I had these super cute cards made to send to some special folks back in Texas who made our visit home so great, and thought I'd share them on here:

We took that photo of the Eiffel Tower on December 5 during our visit to Paris, obviously, and I absolutely love it. So it was neat to be able to put it to good use. I always spend so much time in the card aisles looking for the perfect, modern, understated, eye-catching note. A lot of times I come up short-handed and finally realized that there's no reason I can't just be making my own cards online and have them printed. So Voila! there you have it.

In between working and writing and working and writing, I've undoubtedly come across a new obsession:

I've been to the local game store three times this week and am going back tomorrow to purchase my first Blu Ray DVD. How exciting! We're pumped to have the right device to get to use them, the PS3 has turned out to be a pretty cool investment I have to say. And now that I've picked out some games I'm totally hooked. The 007 Quantum of Solace game is really great with spectacular graphics and rapid-fire missions. And I absolutely love the 007 movies (Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig), so this game is totally for me. I realize I might sound a little geeky to those of you that don't know I spent my younger years attached to our Nintendo 64 in between swim practices. But it's a nice break from trying to watch movies and TV shows off web sites and something Mike and I can do together. (Cue romantic music...)

I just finished my latest book, Cold Granite, by Stuart Macbride. Really good! I would totally recommend it if you're into murder mysteries that are a bit bloody and a little gritty. (This wasn't too graphic by any means, just not a light read.) It was set in Aberdeen and the first book Macbride's ever written. The basis was set upon Detective Inspector Logan McRae, who's mission was to track down a serial child killer in Aberdeen, uncover a mole inside the department and solve a mob murder. The ending had a few twists and it was such witty writing I couldn't help but enjoy it all. Plus it was fun to "read" their Scottish accents as well as things like the dreary rainy weather (so relatable these days). I'd say he did a bang up job! I intend to read more of his stuff, but for now I'm getting ready to dig into R.J. Ellory's City of Lies.

Next on the agenda? PRAGUE! We leave at 6:05am Friday morning and are really excited. It's a quick trip since we're back Sunday afternoon, but we're pretty easy travelers so we should be able to squeeze some nightlife into our late afternoon arrival and lots of sightseeing on Saturday. I'm interested to try their food and beverages and excited we're going to be in a place that isn't mega-expensive. Stay tuned for pictures and a recap after the weekend!

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  1. Glad you are getting some nice weather! And making your own cards is just another of the many things you DO! I see the park across the street form y'all is greening up so I am sure you will be enjoying spring before you turn around good! Daylight savings time begins here on Sunday....do you have that there? Will there now be SEVEN hours difference in your time and Texas time??


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