My Recipes: Cake Balls

So I told you in an earlier post how I was planning on making these cake balls from Bakerella's blog.

Before I go any further, let's recap: I am not a baker. Not a baker am I.

One good thing happened and one sorta bad thing happened with this recipe. The good thing is that I managed to make a red velvet cake AND cream cheese icing from scratch. And they were both delicious. The sorta bad thing is that by the time I got the cake balls made and rolled in the white chocolate, they were so unbelieveably sweet, it was like eating straight sugar. The husband loved them and so did the folks at work that I took a batch to. But I'm pretty sure next time, I might just use ready made frosting. If I bake these again. And we all know I'm not a baker.

Making the cake and the icing. I tried dying it green but didn't use enough and was too lazy to get back to the store:

There were a few detours along the way. I had to stop and take pictures of my pretty flowers that are starting to bloom:

And drink some wine:

It takes awhile to get these prepared, since you have to chill the cake balls before dipping. Our little fridge is pretty much a large college dorm fridge. I work it like a puzzle:

I also ran out of white chocolate, but since they were already so sweet, I decided to just drizzle 'em instead. (Please please please don't compare my lumpy brown cakeballs to Bakerella's cute looking, perfect ones!!! She's a professional!!!)

Hope you had a shamrockin' St. Patrick's day!!!

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  1. I think you did a pretty darn good job! You have to meet....you do NOT ideal conditions under which to bake....small fridge, 'unique' oven, little counter space, hand held appliances....all in all....GOOD JOB!
    (Plus 'Mikey' loves all things sweet!)


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