The Skye's the Limit

You know that saying we often recite about if you don't like the weather in Texas, just wait 15 minutes for it to change? I think it could easily be applied to Scotland as well. Because the weather here is all over the place.

From the BBC weather page, taken in Lanarkshire, Scotland:

Yesterday there was a torrential downpour that threatened to drown the streets and a fair share of cars around the UK and throughout last night and today it's been snowing and freezing cold. Aberdeen seems to have been spared the worst by far, but surrounding cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh have received up to six feet of snow! And so many people have lost their power, which is unfortunate in such unforgiving weather like this. Our lights kept flickering last night while I was cooking dinner but never actually went out.

The forecast was pretty grim for the weekend, but now there's supposed to be some spots of sun and more rain. So Mike and I decided to pack our bags for the road trip we initially had planned and will be piling into our little Nissan Micra bright and early tomorrow. Our goal is to get to the Isle of Skye on the western coast of Scotland, which promises beautiful scenery and a unique coastal town feel. (Hopefully we get some beautiful scenery and not a big gloopy wet mess.)

We'll be taking a roundabout way of getting there, since we're in no particular hurry and only pre-booked one hotel for Thursday in Oban. (Ever heard of Oban whisky? Well, that's where it's from.) The place looks super nice with a hot tub overlooking the sea, a charming in-house restaurant and a spa, at which I just booked my Swedish massage. Awesome.

Image from Crerar Hotels website

From there we'll venture on over to Skye and take a gander at what it has to offer, picking a hotel or B&B at our leisure. Sometimes that's the best way to travel... relaxed and with no agenda. I am hoping that getting out of the flat will somehow miraculously make me well, but we'll see how that goes. Needless to say, Mike picked up a couple extra boxes of Kleenex and some more Benadryl. If he had it his way, I'd probably be riding along in the passenger seat in a soundproof box so he can't hear me blowing my nose! I'm sure this trip will bring us so much closer, haha.

Isle of Skye lighthouse.
Photo from travel-destination-pictures.com

Portree, the capital of Skye.
Photo from http://theisleofskye.com/out_and_about.asp

We'll get lots of pictures and report back on our trip when we return. Say a prayer we get some sunshine!!


  1. Have fun on your trip! That first picture is beautiful but I'm sure you're tired of the snow! Don't worry, it'll be 9,000 degrees in Texas when you get back.

  2. Have fun! I would love to see the light house!!

  3. Sounds like a perfectly LOVELY weekend!! Sick or NOT...(and I hope NOT!)...you and Mike will find some awesome places and have a great time! You ALWAYS do!! It has never failed yet! Can't wait for the pics and blog!


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