Get Moovin' Monday: Week 2

Alright, so I'm back with my second Get Moovin' post. (See previous post and goals here.) And I've definitely been moovin'! We just returned from a quick weekend trip to Prague! (More details in my next post.) I did pretty good with the food there, we ate lots of soups, pastas and meat. So much meat. But nothing fried, not a lick. However, I did slip up a little before we left. I didn't get in my 20-minute Shred DVD workout on Thursday, and Friday we ordered Pizza Hut since we cancelled dinner plans at the last minute, and were getting up at 3:30am for our flight the next day, and there was nothing to cook in the house. So it wasn't the best dinner choice, but I stand by my reasoning. Ha!

This week I intend to squeeze in a few extra workouts to pump things up and we'll be back on track with meals. I am proud of myself for avoiding Burger King yesterday, I had a real hankering for a hamburger and fries after we landed back in Aberdeen. Lots of lager Saturday night will do that to you! But I held my ground and we went home and cooked pasta instead. Score!

Also, I copied Casey's idea to keep up with a food journal that she got off a fellow blogger here. It's simple looking enough and I'll just smack it on the fridge to remind me of my good-eating plans whenever I'm tempted to empty out my chocolate stash! Or order more pizza. Or eat French fries. You get the picture.

I will note that I don't count calories, I hate looking things up and trying to painstakingly add together calories based on food, amount and cooking method. I know healthy food choices from bad ones and rely on my instincts to steer me right. So it's just a simple calendar for what I eat since, like Casey said, it's more impactful to see your choices for an entire week's worth.


Monday - spin class, 45 min. / chicken chutney and broccoli
Tuesday - Shred DVD, 20 min. / fish and sausage one-pot recipe with potatoes and garlic bread
Wednesday - kickbox class, 45 min. / steak night OR baked pork chops and veggies
Thursday - Bootcamp DVD, 40 min. / chicken and baked potatoes
Friday - Shred DVD, 20 min. / taking visiting friends out for fish and chips... uh oh!


  1. Working out every day. I am so impressed! Can you mail me some motivation?

  2. hey casey! ha, well don't be *too* impressed just yet. i have to do it first!! it's sort of to make up for all the beer and food in prague, as well as all the beer and food this coming weekend during a trip to edinburgh. gotta make an effort somewhere, and since the weekends are getting busier, i'm trying to cram my "good behaviour" into the week! plus i think i may be giving into peer pressure on friday and having fish and chips, so i'll feel better if i know i made an effort.

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  3. yay for daily workouts! I am finally getting back on track after 2 weeks of slacking!

  4. I cannot wait to devour those fish and chips! A few places have them here, but I want the REAL DEAL!


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