Moovin' Monday: Week 4

Well, folks, here we are again! I meant to get this posted yesterday (obviously, since it's titled Moovin' Monday) but ran out of time between work, meeting up with my cousin and preparing dinner. A healthy dinner at that, btw.

I'm happy to report that I got in all four of my planned workouts last week and did fairly well on the eating front... only one slice of booze-induced late night pizza over the weekend and maybe a couple potato wedges. I haven't weighed myself in a couple weeks, so no idea if this is shaving off any pounds or not, but with my luck I doubt it. Yet I am monstrously proud for having stuck to it and still managed work outs even though I didn't feel up to it whatsoever. And I've done quite a bit of walking. So there.

I made it to spin class last night, so that gets me off to a good start this week. Just one more week of Moovin' Monday March to go!!

Workout/dinner plans for this week:

Monday - spin class, 45 min/ baked bbq chicken
Tuesday - walking Union Street, couple hrs (ha!)/ dinner out, something non-fried!
Wednesday - kickboxing class, 45 min/ Mexican beef and rice dish
Thursday - Shred DVD/ baked pork chops and veggies
Friday - elliptical and abs, 1 hour/ fish and sausage one-pot (never made it last week)
Saturday - yoga/ loaded salad with turkey

Have you been keeping up a special workout or eating routine this month? Let me know about your progress!!


  1. I noticed you didn't post yesterday so I wondered how it was going! I walked the snake....1.7 miles with Stephanie and our dogs yesterday. Will do yoga today. We are eating pretty healthy....and I am STARVING for a burger and fries or a piece of Church's Chircken!! keep up the good work!

  2. Sounds like you are still doing a great job! Those dang booze will make you eat pizza every time :)


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