Lemme upgrade ya!

Earlier this week, the TV provided in our flat went caput. I was worried that it would take forever to replace, but thanks to the wonderful property management folks, we already have the new one hooked up and are watching Casino Royale as I'm typing. (I always love a good Bond movie!) It's so much better than the out-of-date screen we were working with... this one's a nice 32-inch, LCD 1080p Panasonic. Plus, it has all the HDMI and cable hookups we need, none of which the other had besides basic A/V. It's nice upwrapping a brand new toy we didn't have to spend a penny for and Mike enjoyed getting it all hooked up, since it's much like we one we left behind at home. Guess it was worth being out of TV for a few days to get an upgrade!

The before:

The after:

I did a little shopping this morning and found these cute socks at Primark. They're on the thicker side and apparently made for Wellys (boots), which I found entertaining, since I mentioned the whole Scotland-has-different-names-for-things-than-we-do in my recent post.

All our bags are packed and we're ready to go!

It's an early morning for us, since we need to be leaving the house at 4 *groan*. But all will be worth it once we set eyes on Prague, I'm excited to see the sights! Hope all you fellow bloggers have a nice weekend... get out there and do something relaxing and fun!

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  1. TV? What's that? I've been working with my computer screen as a "tv" for the past several months! All my tv shows I enjoy, I've been watching the day after when someone posts it online. And also frantically avoiding facebook so as to not catch a glimpse of someones status update that ruins who the Bachelor picks!


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