Moovin' Monday: Week 3

Whew, am I tired. Wish I could say it is because I worked out seven times last week and didn't slip up and eat anything bad. But that won't be the case and my honesty policy requires me to confess that I did *not* get in my planned Thursday and Friday workouts last week. :(  Thursday I was miserably ill and Friday was a busy day with friends from Texas arriving that afternoon. (But at least I still got in three solid workouts...) On top of it all, I joined in the fish and chips dinner Friday evening and later had a slice of booze-induced late night pizza - not ideal during the month in which I have pledged to forego fried food! But I'm not getting down because I didn't have a perfect week. We did a LOT of walking while we were in Edinburgh and my legs are definitely feeling it. So at least I didn't sit on the couch and eat bon bons. But between all that eating and drinking we did, I need to work hard this week to make some positive progess. Here's the plan...

Workouts and dinners this week:

Monday - spin class, 45 min/ red pepper chicken and veggies
Tuesday - baked pork chops, salad and corn/squash/pepper veg mix
Wednesday (St. Patrick's Day!) - kickboxing class, 45 min/ chicken fajitas
Thursday - Shred DVD, 20 min/ homemade shrimp fetticuini alfredo
Friday - elliptical, 30-45 min/ Greek chicken with "everything orzo"
Saturday - castle tour & distillery tour with cousin = lots of walking/ dinner out but no chips and fried fish!! :)
Sunday - soup & sandwiches


  1. Loved the statue....you are so funny! I wish I knew how to do pics on blogs one eighth as much as you do!!

  2. The booze, the pizza, the fries, ugh. I totally blame Europe. How is it that Americans are the fat ones? I totally blame my extra weight on schnitzel and schnapps.

    Good luck this week!


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