Spring is Sprung

I think spring is officially sprung in the Land of the Lion. There's even some pretty purple and yellow blooms sprouting in the grass in the parks. The UK celebrates Mother's Day in April, so there have been cards and flowers up for sale like crazy. I had to pick up a few groceries at Tesco today and saw some colorful pink tulips and yellow daffodils and had to have them. They spruce up the flat and put a bit of, er, spring in my step.

In honor of St. Patrick's day this week, I think I'm going to try my hand at a red velvet cake and frosting recipe - all from scratch, courtesy of baker blogger extraordinaire Bakerella. Dun dun duuunnn. I'm not much of a baker but the instructions are straight forward enough and I looked up Asda's web site to be sure they had all the ingredients. Plus, making cake balls will be a new trick that might just come in handy for parties and get togethers. Dominick, Brittany, Emily and Michael will all be back in Aberdeen in time to celebrate with us, so I figured having guests to help us eat the sweet stuff would be a good excuse for making them in the first place!

Photo from Bakerella.com

I still need to write up a blog entry on our fantastic overnight trip to Edinburgh on Saturday. We had such a good time (minus a lot of walking and waiting for a cab for 1.5 hours at like 2am). Here's a couple photos to give you a sneak peek... go on, I know you were dying to see them.

I also created a brand spankin' new recipe for dinner tonight, which I'll do my best to get posted this week. It's good and spicey, mmmm. Lots to come this week, so stay tuned. Happy Monday!


  1. Spring is 'springing' here as well!! I love getting to read 2 blog entries in one day! Or was it 3? Never ENOUGH! Looking forward to the next one from your recent trip! And can't WAIT to see the one which is sure to come after Leah's visit!

  2. haha yes there were THREE blog entries today. i think i've set a new record, lol! just felt like i had some catching up today, and still plenty more to come this week! i really enjoy having an outlet (aside from facebook) to share my love of pictures, books, writing, travel and food.


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