{Tyke Bites} Easy Go-Tos & One Pan Dinner

Welcome back to another installment of Tyke Bites, where I share a random day of meals for my two-and-a-half year old quadruplets! (You can follow the underlined link, or visit the Tyke Bites category found in the sidebar on the left to view all my posts about what the kiddos are eating.)

It was an ordinary day at home so I decided to give the kids a slightly out of the ordinary breakfast by adding some whipped cream and sprinkles to some of our favorite waffles, Earth's Best frozen organic mini waffles, along with fresh berries and Applegate Naturals turkey breakfast sausage links (they usually eat two to three links apiece, but we just start off with one).

Lunch was a quick and easy go-to: turkey lunch meat, cheese, raspberries, banana, pretzels and cheez-its. The kids got a kick out of the meat and cheese being rolled up and some ate it that way while others separated the pieces first. As any mom knows, sometimes variation on a popular item is all it takes to revamp interest!

For dinner, I did a one-pan meal to keep things simple. Rachael Ray's roast pork chops with green beans and potatoes was fairly popular, paired with bananas and cheese cubes. 

Occasionally the kids will get a graham cracker in between breakfast and lunch if they start getting hungry, but we typically save a regular snack for that long stretch between lunch and dinner (generally they get it after post-lunch naps). That ranges anywhere from white cheddar popcorn, pretzels, goldfish with raisins, dried fruit, etc.

What are some of your favorite go-to's or easy quick-fix meals?

Happy eating :)
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