A Bobcat in My Yard, and the Quad Table is Gone!

There was a bobcat in my front yard.

He got a little ambitious and ventured past the green belt behind our house to my very own front yard. He crouched and snuck his way through the tricycles in the yard, very intently eyeing some pray one yard over. I moved from my view at the front door to one from a window in or living room just in time to see him snatch up a squirrel and then head for the wooded area that lies beyond our backyard fence. I couldn't intervene—it's the circle of life and we do have a very heavy squirrel population here. Eek.

I kinda wished I could crouch down and sneak away for awhile. Not to hunt squirrels, but to evade toddlers. But then when I tried that for a second yesterday, the tiny little army that rules my house managed to snag my energy drink off the kitchen counter—a grape-flavored Spark by Advocare if you must know—and proceed to attempt to spoon feed it to each other. Well, I mostly blame Kailey because she was sitting on a kid-sized chair with the other three on the floor around practically begging for a sip of the good stuff. They hadn't had it but for a mere moment—I'd gone to the freakin bathroom for 30 SECONDS IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK—and I immediately took it away and began cleaning up the grape colored stains on the play room carpet.

We've been working on independance around the house so the quads have been free roaming a lot versus being in the play room during certain parts of the day. And I have been trying to maintain structured activities when I can to help keep them entertained. But some days it's honestly okay with me if they prefer to race their miniature shopping carts in a haphazard circle around the house because it means I'm able to empty the dishwasher. So while I worked on the carpet stains, my non-confined crew went to work in the guest bathroom down the hall. They all piled into the shower then proceeded to squirt half a bottle of body wash on the shower floor and start sliding around in it. By the time I got on the scene, everyone was given notice that free play time was over and were quarantined to the play room after a thorough foot washing. I finished my Spark drink and let them watch the last half of Frozen while I undecorated the Christmas stuff from the play room.

Being a mom to several toddlers all at the same time has certainly taught me to not always keep such a white-knuckled grip on things. I can't always be in control. Sometimes I have to give a little in order to get a little. Or we all end up just looking crazy, case in point...

Thankfully the husband and I have kept the crazy at bay and enjoyed a date night for his birthday this past weekend, attending a Stars hockey game (they won!) and catching a late night movie while his parents watched the quads. I swear, my husband just gets more handsome with every year and his patience and unwavering dedication to our family is truly amazing. Love him!

In other news, we've graduated from our beloved handmade quad table to a full fledged easily-seats-six large round granite top kitchen table. It was a big milestone for those little munchkins and they were ever so excited to "help" take it apart and usher in the "new table." We are borrowing our dining room chairs for now and will find some more appropriate ones for the new addition soon. The quads enjoy eating their meals big-kid style and the husband and I are enjoying sitting with them and having solid family dinners.

My babies are growing up!


  1. Love the new table. I'm sure you will find the perfect chairs for it soon. The independence stage was gonna happen sooner or later. You have done such a good job teaching them that it will be less a problem than most weather it seems like it or not. :-) They ARE good kids!

  2. Bobcat, eeeks!!! We've had similar quad escapes and shenanigans lately. Most recently they snatched the bathroom pump soap and squirted it all over the playroom. Ugh.
    I love the new table! It's just perfect for ya'll!

  3. Holy cow a bob cat in the front yard. That's a little scary. Okay I'm sorry I had to laugh when they tried to suck down your energy drink and then soap skated. Oh what things 8 little hands and feet can get into. Love the new table. They do grow up.

  4. i cant believe having 4 kids one day thats a big task to achieve and you have done an awesome job about it congrats on being an awesome mom!!!


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