Solitary Retail Therapy

Last night, the husband and I stayed up well past midnight binge watching the first season of Madam Secretary. That show is so much better than I was even expecting it to be and we are totally hooked! A bag of popcorn and a slightly frozen Coke were the perfect TV accessories. I cracked a window in the living room to get some fresh, very cold air in so we could snuggle under extra blankets. Temps have been in the mid-30s for much of the week and promise to stay chilly over the weekend. Two days of rain have only added to the need to stay warm and comfortable, hence the giant crock pot of turkey chili I let slow cook all day yesterday for our dinner.

But before the watery weather hit and post-Christmas buzz, I got the chance to enjoy some alone time shopping when the husband offered to take over things at the house. My first stop was H&M since I'd seen some cute things through the window recently and wanted to further investigate. I snagged a bra for $7 (ahem, not pictured!), some cute flowy tops that'll be perfect with leggings and boots and an adorable set of hair bows for the girls.

A striped tunic top from JC Penney...

...and some super cute stuff for the kiddos, thanks to a thoughtful gift card given to them for Christmas. The plush princess dolls are awesome, even I think they're cute. Trystan found the pink Rapunzel one at church one Sunday and she carries it around the whole time she's there each week. Her teacher even told me how much that sweet girl loved it and was tempted to buy one for her! I had already received the gift card for the quads and knew just what I was going to be getting! I got the Cars slippers for Harrison on clearance for only $6.99, which was perfect since the girls got some super cute reindeer slippers from their cousins. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figurines have also been a big hit.

I pretty much can never walk by Victoria Secret without going in. I just love that store and everything in it—especially things that fit. I believe one can never have too many comfortable sweatshirts. Or turquoise.

this is the back of the same shirt, with a unique cut out - nice air flow for exercise??

I also dropped in at Carter's to use a bit of yet another awesome gift card the kids received from a dear friend. I was thrilled to find a set of tunic tops for the girls, some cute jeans and a sherpa vest for Harrison. It looks so charming over his button-up shirts! I'm excited to have still saved a good chunk of their gift card for the spring to invest in some cute warm weather pieces when Carter's starts bringing out new stuff. That store is such an addiction for me. Who knew I would love shopping for baby and toddler clothes so much!?

Last but not least, during my grocery stop at Super Target (a different one from where Trystan had her awful seizure this past Tuesday) I picked up a bottle of Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz by Boots Botanics at Target—it was recommended by a cute fellow blogger I read regularly—and a new Rimmel Natural Bronzer. Only $3.99 and I love the stuff. Kailey dropped my old one on my bathroom floor and it broke into a million pieces, so I figured I could invest in a new one at that rate.

It felt good to find some nice budget-friendly purchases and slowly sip a Starbucks iced tea while I meandered through the mall at a leisurely pace. So often these days I feel the pressure of sticking to a schedule or having at least four (little) people needing my assistance every other second, making time for myself a very treasured thing.

Happy weekend!
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  1. Boy i cannot wait for some retail therapy. Love all the tops,especially the stripped one.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Absolutely love your blog! I was wondering- when shopping for your girls do you normally buy all the same clothing items or do you buy different things for each one and if so do they normally complain about wanting to wear another sibling's outfit?
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Katie! Sometimes I buy them all the same tops or pants, usually if they're on mega sale, but I'll often only buy one of something to help build their wardrobe. My favorite thing to get are coordinating items, not all exactly the same but perhaps different colors or same color with different patterns, etc. They don't complain at all! They often choose their own clothes and outfits these days as well. :)


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