Weekend Recap (and Super Bowl Quad-Style)

I promise I realize weekends are traditionally Friday through Sunday, but just like my last Weekend Recap post I'm kicking this one off on Thursday. Date night! Our former nanny had some availability this spring in between her busy semester so she's back with us on Friday mornings as well as the occasional special event—like a muuuuccchhhh needed date night! The husband and I enjoyed steaks for dinner then caught a movie (and snuck in some wine) before calling it a night well enjoyed.

Friday morning, we all got ready and loaded up for the Perot Museum in Dallas. It was the quad's first time to check it out and I hadn't been since I was probably a kid myself. They loved the little kid's area, the Moody Family Children's Museum, and we spent the majority of our time there aside from a visit to see the dinosaur exhibit—which they loved. My girlfriend and her sweet boy joined us for the adventure.

The husband met us all for lunch at the Museum cafe then we called it a day and got home in time for naps. I was tired! That trend continued because Saturday didn't afford us much more energy, either. We spent most of our day around the house, the husband and I both taking turns watching the kids while the other ran a couple quick errands. Thank goodness for Melissa & Doug sticker books and tons of crayons and coloring paper to keep everyone occupied!

Recently, we got the girl's new boots—Natural Steps Stampede boot in tan—and they're obsessed with them! They wear them around the house often, even with pajamas, and the insides are lined with a comfy floral fabric so they don't even bother with socks if we aren't going anywhere. Harrison already had a pair of camo and brown boots I scored at Wal-Mart and now the girls are thrilled to have their own as well.

This morning we all slept in because everyone's been pretty run down, especially the husband and I. After breakfast, I snuck out for a quick pedicure that I was inspired by on Pinterest. Perfect for Valentine's Day but not so girly that the pink makes my eyes water. ;)

I also scored some new PJs on clearance at Target for the girls for just $6.48 apiece. Loving the button up shirt and pajama pants style, Harrison already had some similar ones handed off to him from a buddy that outgrew them so all four were matching and super cute!

Super Bowl Sunday has been pretty low key. I mean, what...your Super Bowl party doesn't consist of a Pip-Squeaks Marker Tower, giant cardboard blocks and DIY Valentine's cards? Clearly you're missing out. Which is exactly how we spent our late afternoon and evening...

(and yes, the majority of us stayed in our jammies most of the day.)

I love the cards, I really do. Especially since the kids were pretty involved with them from start to finish. I just took white card stock and cut some cute scrapbook paper to size then glue sticked it on. Next, the husband help me put dot after dot of glue on the front of the cards for the kids to stick their desired papers, tissue pieces and other items to. As a finishing touch, I used puffy letter stickers to spell LOVE on each card. We can't wait to hand these off to their teachers at school and send some to grandparents and cousins. 

My trip to the grocery store (after my pedicure and Target errands earlier) yielded all the culinary supplies I'll need for this week's menu plan, which kicked off with a delish spicy Asian chicken noodle soup I adapted from a Rachael Ray recipe. It was a hit for dinner tonight, including the kids.

And that's that! We DVR'd the last half of the football game to finish after we put the kids in bed and are watching the final minutes—eek! Then I'll set out all the lunch boxes, folders and supplies for us to get ready for school tomorrow and get out the door in a reasonably timely fashion. For a mom with toddler quadruplets, anyway. Looking forward to getting in a good workout at the gym after I drop the crew off at school, followed by a peaceful yet project-oriented morning at home. ALONE.

Sometimes you just need some moments to yourself, or to start your weekend on a Thursday....
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  1. You are a busy lady, you deserve time for yourself! I love the pedi😊❤️


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