New Entryway Decor & My Cleaning (Sort Of) Schedule

I love having a clean house. But reality often interferes and my house is a mess 80% of the time. Having people over is a huge motivator for the husband and I, because we'll blitz the whole place prior to guest's arrival and have everything tidied up and sparkling. With the New Year, I wanted to adopt a new mantra of house cleaning. (But also not get crazy overwhelmed when things fall out of order, either.)

Below is the cleaning schedule I was actually successfully maintaining for awhile, but then completely got off track around the holidays and am now hoping to resume again. It breaks everything down so that I don't feel like I have to do 18 things each day, yet it's enough to keep the house in good shape and dust from growing on my walls. I also have to tell you right now that meal planning each week is the best thing ever. It keeps the guess work out of cooking, I plan my meals based on what days are busier and which days I'll have more time to prep food and it enables those who might be home with the kids when I'm not (the husband) to stay on track. I've been using this simple meal planner for months now....and if you love my cleaning schedule sheet, you can download or print your own copy right here—because I believe in sharing. :)
Though I try my hardest not to let the mess cause me stress—and put play time with the kids, work and family time first—sometimes I just can't take it anymore. I'd fallen so behind in house cleaning then I'd packed up all my Christmas decorations and hadn't repaired any of the aftermath that my foyer looked like this...


But I got randomly motivated on Monday while the kids were at school and was able to speed clean a few things, including my floor that was covered in a lovely array of crushed graham cracker, and now I feel better. Or at least my eye has stopped twitching.

During Christmas, I got several of the cheapo white frames from Ikea for the wall that you see as soon as you come in the front door. I had Christmas tree coloring papers that the kids had decorated and then new family photos we had taken, which are still on display. Now that the holidays have come and gone, I wanted something fresh so I printed out some free wall art courtesy of Pinterest and am loving the new look! Plus, I've ordered some new black and white prints of the family and the kids to replace the current images for a less holiday-ish vibe.

Texas printable (other states available) | think deeply quote
...more free printables available here

A few simple light-hued accessories, photo frames, candles, flowers and one lamp later, I was satisfied with the refreshed look and it no longer looked like I hoarded laundry, toddler shoes and graham cracker crumbs when you enter my house. It was a close call there for a little bit, y'all.

And a cleaned up foyer and living room means it's the perfect time to have four two-year-olds leave a fresh trail of popcorn behind them as they settle onto the couch for a Disney film. Good thing they're cute. :)

Do you have some awesome printables? New decor up? Cleaning tips or schedule? Send me a pin on Pinterest, fool, or share a link to your fave stuff in the comments below.

Happy (almost) Friday!!
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  1. I love your schedule! The foyer looks wonderful and I am so proud of you for putting your kids first before your house! I always struggled with that........

  2. As always, I am impressed with all you accomplish! I really enjoy reading your blog.

  3. The schedule is really nice! Thanks for the post! I really enjoyed reading! Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the "sort of" schedule it fits for me perfectly as well <3

  5. Ah cleaning schedules, they really take some of the hassle and stress out of things!


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