Weekend Recap (Plus a Cookie Book + Craft!)

Weekends don't typically include Thursdays, but I'm tossing in a couple photos from our Thursday evening because it involved a play date with our fellow quad squad besties at their house and the husband got to come along! He'd been out of town for work so not only was I all too happy to see his face at long last, but also for him to get to join us and see the kids at play with their buddies. It was a wonderful evening and Amber (my quad momma BFF, and yes we even share the same name!) made such a delicious pot roast for dinner and all eight two-year-olds played their little hearts out.

On Friday morning, I was planning to take the kids somewhere but hadn't finalized my plans yet when the husband called. It was a chili cook-off at his office for lunch and he was game to have some pint-sized visitors, so we loaded up and headed off to join them! The kids were so well-behaved and enjoyed lunch. The husband's chili came in second! (I may have helped.) And the entire office got a kick out of Harrison when he managed to conference call everyone's phones and share a couple words with them all. Haha.

On the way home, I started feeling pretty bad. All last week I had a terrible sinus infection and it was just starting to get better when I came down with some pretty bad nausea, throbbing neck and shoulder pain and an awful headache. It stayed that way for nearly two days. :(

We had pizza for dinner since I didn't feel up for cooking, but I did manage to do a book + craft combo with the quads and thankfully the husband was home in time to help. They loved the book and they loved decorating their cardboard "cookies" even more! I cut own frosting-shaped pieces of sticker foam then gave them colorful foam sticker shapes to use as sprinkles. We discussed shapes and colors throughout the entire project and they got a kick out of putting their finished cookies on the wire rack I set out.

Saturday didn't amount to much since I was still feeling badly and the husband picked up most of the slack for me so I could rest. I think stress from the past week may have contributed to me feeling sick, I hate that terrible ache you get in the back of your skull and neck sometimes that literally hurts so much it makes you sick. Ugh!

Sunday was a definite improvement and we got everyone ready and made it to church. The quads just love going to church, they attend children's church while we're in the service, and then we go back on Mondays for school (Mother's Day Out). I also just registered them for summer camp, which will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 2:15pm, as well as pre-school for the fall!!! Can you believe it!?! By the fall, my babies will be three years old (and potty trained, that's happening soon!) and attending pre-school two days per week. I just can't believe we've come so far...

They attracted several admiring onlookers at church while they sat patiently and waited for daddy to go get the car. They are all four so sweet and well-mannered most of the time, especially when we're out of the house. Nearly every time I pick them up from school, their teachers are telling me how polite they are. Music to my ears!

We headed straight to a fried lunch at Chicken Express then home in time for naps. My mom swung by and picked up Kailey and Logan to take to her house for the afternoon, so while Harrison and Trystan chose to sleep in their absent sibling's beds, I snoozed on the couch downstairs. 

After we woke up, I took my two munchkins to a local bounce house for some jumpy fun. They were so sweet together—Harrison would wait for Trystan so he could "help" her climb up the steps to the top of the slide. Then he would slide down first so she could see how to do it and she would follow him. They had a blast and I have to say that two kids is a piece of cake for me!

Now I'm back to four kids, which I dropped off at school this morning, and I'm hitting the ground running with a long to-do list to knock out while they're there. It's a busy week, but will hopefully be a productive one, especially since I'm starting to feel better. I'm still working on cleaning up and organizing my house for 2015, and the downstairs is getting hit today! Stray toys are not barefoot friendly....
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  1. Fun. I expected nothing less of those four little cuties. Oh I'm sure they have their moments. Glad they got to go to the chili cook off. Congrats to Mike on 2nd place.
    Love the fun cookie project.


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