Our Christmas!

At last I am able to share loads of photos and some fun facts about our third Christmas with the babies! First, I shared our Christmas prep and our Christmas Eve festivities here. Then I was planning to start a Christmas Day post but instead spent many hours in the ER with my baby girl, Trystan, after she had a seizure during check-out at Target. I was by myself with all four kids and completely freaked out when it happened. Fortunately we had a good outcome—a virus seems to have caused a sudden fever that sent her body into overdrive—and she is acting like herself again. So now we've all recovered enough and are trying to get back into our normal routine.

This particular Christmas was the first time the quads were old enough to truly understand what was happening (we've been teaching them about Baby Jesus, as well as Santa Clause, the giving and receiving of presents and so on), and they all came barreling down the stairs that morning to see what was under the tree! I have been dreaming of that moment ever since we decided to start a family. We never had a two-story house until we moved into our current home, which was perfect since there's just something so joyful and awesome about thrilled, excited kids jumping out of bed and thundering down the stairs on Christmas morning. Much like in the movies!

The husband's parents, his younger brother and his grandmother all came over first thing in the morning to join us in time to see the kids come downstairs. It was a wonderful family event!

The quads immediately checked out the milk and cookies we'd left out for Santa—on an adorable Mickey Mouse-themed plate and cup gifted to us by a sweet friend straight from Disney World!

Then it was present time! There were gifts out and waiting from Santa, which included two Elsa dolls and one Anna doll, a Thomas the Train track set, a mini piano and a white wooden baby doll bed. After they checked out those, they ripped into holiday Bubble Guppies, Cars and Frozen wrapping paper that contained more gifts from a Frozen tea set to camo trucks and new shoes and clothes to adorable baby dolls and accessories. I had so much fun shopping for them this past year!

There were lots of great gifts for the adults, too!

Next, we moved on to stockings. I had stuffed them with all kinds of fun stuff, like Frozen and Cars bandaids (which were the HIT gift, ha!), play dough, dinosaurs, candy, socks and, yes, more Frozen goodies.

Afterward, we chowed down on homemade sausage balls that my mother-in-law made, as well as homemade bread, loads of fruit and delicious made-from-scratch cinnamon rolls my step-dad gifted us. The perfect Christmas morning breakfast, accompanied by parades on TV. Safe to say my heart was totally full and I was loving every moment with my family.

We napped during the afternoon then got everyone dressed and headed over to the in-laws, basically switching houses with them from earlier! It was time for Christmas dinner and even more gifts, so many thoughtful presents exchanged between everyone. I have to say I really do enjoy the gift buying process and usually do it throughout the year, spotting ideal items when I'm out running errands or while reading other blogs or the ever-present Pinterest! And I love the gift giving itself—watching others open things I've carefully selected just for them and getting to see how excited they are about receiving. Nothing can be more awesome then experiencing all those things with your own children! I would get so pumped every time I would find something while out shopping for them and could barely wait to give them their new things!

I got a beautiful turquoise Coach tote from my mother-in-law—who knows and fosters my love of the brand!—and the kids were overjoyed to receive Frozen and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sleeping bags and pillows, among many other things. Those will be perfect for overnights with the grandparents!

Harrison spent a lot of time with his Uncle working on his new Transformer. And he loved his new Ninja Turtle plate, while the girls were given Frozen plates, their first potato heads and even Olaf place mats. Nicely done, Uncle Mark!

A new Black & Decker tool bench was a huuuuuge hit with the whole crew, and the girls took it over the minute Harrison left it unattended.

We snapped a few quick family photos, including one that captured the perfect crazy faces exchanged between the husband and I. A reflection of our busy lives, perhaps? The effects of having four two-year-olds? It's all in a day's work!

A warm bath and cozy new pajamas from Grandmommy, and the kids were able to enjoy a few more minutes of play. I snapped this shot of them quietly checking out the angel at the bottom of the tree before we loaded up to head home. It was the quintessential ending to a great holiday.

Hoping your 2015 is off to a great start!
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  1. I love the photo you snapped of your four around the tree! What an exciting year to experience the joy through their eyes.

  2. What a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for sharing all the joy and happiness.
    Have a Great 2015.

  3. Your tree was lovely. I love that close up picture of Logan with all her goodies. Such a sweet face. and Harrison is a little Mike these days.
    That last picture needs to be on a Christmas card.
    Here's the new adventures in 2015. And I know each with the quads is an adventure in itself.


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