What Happens on Mondays?

There is definitely a sort of theme or schedule to our days of the week—which I'm currently working to teach the quads, they have learned all the things that happen on particular days but now we need to understand the order!

Sundays we go to church and have lunch with my parents and sometimes one of the kids goes to my parents house for the afternoon and enjoys some one-on-one time. Mondays are school days and the kids attend Mother's Day Out from 8:45am until 4:15pm and it's absolutely glorious. I pick them up and then run an errand or two (sometimes I have my high school gal helping me if she's here), then we do dinner, baths and bed. Tuesdays are stay-at-home days, with the exception of a trip to the gym with the kids, and I try to do a craft or fun project with them. On Wednesday, the quads go to my parents house for the entire day or my parents come here and help me with them the entire day. It's no secret—I look forward to Wednesdays! Thursdays we tend to hang out at the house and sometimes our beloved Jojo comes over for a visit or we make a Target run. My high school helper comes Thursday afternoons from 4-7 when she's available and the kids enjoy playing with her and reading books and watching Frozen. Fridays we go to the gym in the morning for anywhere from one to two hours, sometimes I even tack on a long hot shower in the locker room post-work out while the kids continue to play in the kid's club. They love going and it's a great way for us all to get out of the house and get some exercise. We come home in time for lunch and naps then play in the afternoon until the husband gets home from work. Saturdays are all about family—whether we're lounging around the house together, running errands or enjoying a family outing.

While that's the week in a nutshell, things obviously flex and change depending on what we have going on. Sometimes we visit friends, sometimes we host or attend play dates (usually with our quad buddies), we go on field trips and check out new places, hit up the local park if the weather's nice, stock up on groceries at Tom Thumb or Costo or make impromptu visits to my parents house if we're all coming down with cabin fever.

This particular Monday, the quads went off to school and I came straight home after I dropped them off. I crawled back into bed—something I've never done on their school days—and slept for three solid hours. It was nearly 12:30pm when I woke up! Clearly I needed the sleep and I was grateful to have the opportunity to get it. I stayed up until 1am the night before finishing 12 adorable Mickey Mouse-themed party favor necklaces for my triplet momma friend. She's having a super cute party for her triplets third birthday!

I opted to take myself to a quick lunch at On the Border and crafted my meal plan and grocery list for the week while I ate. I'm making some new recipes shared by a chef friend of mine as well as one from the last issue of Rachael Ray magazine. Will certainly be posting those after I've made them!

From there, I stopped by a cute local boutique I'd been wanting to visit for ages that was just a couple doors down. Everything in there was charming and they offered monogramming on practically every product. I found a stylish "A" gold monogram necklace for $10 and look forward to wearing it soon.

In the same parking lot was Tom Thumb so I got the first half of my grocery list there. Including some hydrangeas, which I've been buying frequently lately because they're always just so pretty and have been on sale for $7 at Tom Thumb the past few weeks. I tend to always buy some flowers when I make my weekly grocery store trip because I enjoy having them in the house to admire.

A stop at the Post Office and the library and I was ready to pick up the kids so I made my way to our church where they also attend MDO. Their teacher paused before she opened the door to let them all out and told me what incredible manners they have and how polite they always are and how much she enjoys having them in her class. She said I was doing a wonderful job with them and I beamed with pride! There's nothing better to hear as a mom than heartfelt compliments from others, especially those who interact with your children on a regular basis.

We loaded up and headed to Costco for the rest of our groceries, since there are a few things that make more sense for us to buy in bulk and I like Costco's food quality and organic offerings. We stocked up on lots of our snack staples for the kids as well as fresh salmon, chicken, beef, fruit and more.

The quads love to help me unload groceries, which means they take everything out of the bags and set most of it on the kitchen counters and some on the floor. It actually doesn't bother me and I find it somewhat helpful because then I can just flit around the kitchen and quickly put things away. But it does look pretty chaotic while it's going on, and then there's the times that they crush a few animal crackers underfoot or Kailey decides to peel all the outer layers off all the onions.

Anytime I am doing grocery shopping in the afternoon, especially with my crew in tow, I plan for a quick and easy dinner. I had picked up a rotisserie chicken while at Costco so we had that for dinner along with steamed broccoli and cauliflower, basmati brown rice, cheese, strawberries and grapes. And momma had one reallllly big glass of wine. Because in that short time that I was getting dinner on the plates, Trystan stuck her face in a candle (it wasn't lit) and licked the soot on the sides of the jar and Logan was walking across the top of the dining table (we've been eating in there more often versus the quad table). Some days, I am most thankful for being able to maintain a sense of humor...

One bathtub full of two year olds, fleece pajamas and four goodnight kisses later, the husband and I cleaned up some of the mess downstairs then he went to the dining room to work (not an uncommon thing lately) and I took up residence on the couch. I'm planning a birthday surprise this Saturday for the husband since his birthday is coming up. He knows we're doing something but has no idea what!

And basically, that's our Monday. Time to refill that wine glass and craft some more jewelry. Just hopefully not until 1am this time. Either way I've got my Spark packet out and ready to drink in the morning so I can stay energized all day. (Shout out to my girl, Jill, for getting me on the bandwagon with a great energy drink!)

Big plans include a trip to the gym and an afternoon showing of Lady and the Tramp, complete with popcorn. I've been getting classic Disney movies from the library and so far the quads have seen (and loved!) Snow White, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. They loved the mice in the latter and Trystan will sometimes break into song with "Cinderelly, Cinderelly..." It's sweeter than sugar.

Back to our weekly schedule...

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday too.
Wednesday, Thursday just for you.
Friday, Saturday that's the end .
Now let's say those days again!
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday!
(to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star")
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  1. We love it all and we love YOU!

  2. I do so enjoy reading your blogs.

  3. Having a basic plan of what will be happening, each day makes for a more organized happy home, so impressed that you are able to carry it off with four 2 yoer olds.
    Silly question, do you pursh 2 carts while shopping at Costco with the kids?
    Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Oh gosh, that look on your husband's face. I know that look. It probably matched the look on yours when you poured the wine ;)

    Hang in there, fellow multiples momma.

  5. Love these posts! you are so organized! Im impressed!


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