{Weekend Recap} A House Full of Family!

The big headline for the past several days is...we have all our stuff! The movers came on Friday and spent about six hours loading up our two storage units and bringing it to the house and unloading everything. We now have an actual living room set-up (with no baby toys in it!), a very well functioning playroom for the kids, bed frames and chairs and tables, oh my! I'm ecstatic to have my stuff back. It'd been too long.

not in a picture taking mood, mom!

Last week, my BFF and former college roomie Lisa and her kiddo came to stay with us for a few days. She and her husband are moving to Malaysia this fall so we only have a little bit more time to spend together before she's continents away. Warren played great with the quads, who have been working through some crankiness that past two weeks—ever since they got their 12 month vaccinations. Combined with ongoing teething and they've been little hell raisers that have made me question my sanity more than a few times in the last couple weeks. But, like I told my mom, I can't lose my mind because I don't have time to find it!

Fortunately after adapting to their new home and playroom and a couple days of Infant Advil and extra cuddles, everyone came around and they've been doing great. Thursday evening, the husband and I stuck 'em all back in their playroom clad in just their diapers while we fetched pajamas and prepared to start dressing them for bed. They were all in such a good mood and happily playing that we jumped in the playroom with them and hung out for nearly an hour, cracking up at their antics and watching Kailey chase Harrison around and push each other down, laugh and do it all over again.

Their mood transition was good timing because we've had a round of visitors over this weekend. My mom stayed with us Friday night while the movers brought everything. And miracle of all miracles, the babies still took their regularly scheduled naps and hung out in their room with Grandma until the movers were done. Saturday we were unpacking boxes and my mom unpacked and put away our entire wet bar's worth of wine glasses, margarita glasses, martini glasses, beer glasses, shot glasses...well, you get the gist. And I swear we don't drink that much. Wait, how much is "that" much? ;)

My sister, Summer, Sabrina and her granddaughter, Rayne, all came to see the house on Saturday afternoon. Shortly after they arrived, both of the husband's brothers as well as his older brother's wife and kids plus the husband's parents all arrived. We had a house full! But even with seven kids, ranging in age from one to five, going to town in the playroom it still held up great and there was room for everyone. We added two recliners and a hutch for the TV and DVD player to the playroom and the magnetic chalkboard fireplace cover the husband and I made has turned out to be great. (I'll have a DIY post on that soon.) I loved seeing our playroom full of kids having fun, and both the husband and I loved seeing our house full of family. Better yet, all with room to walk and talk and hang out!

cousin hailey playing with logan

kiddos everywhere!

cousin harper with kailey

dad and logan - future aggie?

harper loved the aggie hat too!

me and the big man
Our last house was half the size of this one and then after nearly four months living in a small apartment, we are relishing every single inch of space we have in our new digs. And we've managed to fill it up, too. I have no idea how we made everything fit in our last house while accommodating all the pack-and-plays, swings and tummy time mats we had out during the babies' first year of life. It's incredible to set up shop in a place that works so well for us, has a great layout and enough room to really settle in. I look forward to sharing photos of the rooms in progress!

uncle mark and cousin harper, on the left, with daddy and harrison

the husband's older brother and his wife and daughter

messy dinner!
Originally, the husband's parents had wanted to get the whole family together for dinner since everyone was in town for once. But we weren't able to pack up the quads and go anywhere since we were still sorting boxes and recovering ourselves. Since everyone was already at our house, we decided to have dinner there and my mother-in-law picked up barbecue at Dickey's down the street, we fed the babies and put them to bed, then cracked open some bottles of wine and ate around our (new-to-us) dining table. It was so nice to have a family meal and enjoy time with everyone while continuing to bask in the glow of finally having a home that accommodated everything. We seriously can't get enough of it. Both the husband and I enjoy having people over frequently, throwing parties, hosting dinners and entertaining. It's been a long while since we've been in a position to do that, but now that the quads are bigger and bed time is a lot simpler, we look forward to returning to those things. However, impromptu family gatherings are always the best in my book!

Today has been a cloudy, gray and rainy day. The babies slept in until 8:15 this morning, at which point the husband and I jumped up to get them all changed and made fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and fruit for breakfast. We've just been hanging out in our pajamas since, moseying around doing a few things, watching Madagascar 3 with the kiddos, eating and doing laundry. It's the perfect end to a busy week and the bit of R&R we needed to get ready for another one. Happy Sunday folks, and come on back tomorrow for a major giveaway!
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  1. *smile*
    So very happy for your family!

  2. Wow you have got some room,for the babies and all their toys,saw the quad corral will that be used outside now? Great idea the fireplace chalkboard.
    Do you have a large patio for entertaining?
    Looking forward to more pics! Thanks for sharing:)
    ps..Love the outfits in the first pic, the quads are sooo cute even when they aren't in the mood for pictures:)

  3. Yay for having it all together. So funny, great minds think alike. George is in the garage as we speak paining plywood with magnetic paint to cover our fireplace. I'm not chalk boarding it though because ours will be in the den. Now to find some cute magnets!

  4. It is really neat to see all the space you have. I can only imagine how you fill it up. I have one son and my house seems overflowing!! I think the chalkboard fireplace cover is the smartest thing I've seen!!

  5. Oh I can't even imagine how much your enjoying all that space. Sounds like you all broke it in right with all the family over. Glad it was a great weekend. You and the quads enjoy the week ahead :)

  6. "But, like I told my mom, I can't lose my mind because I don't have time to find it!" I love this line!
    I know you have definitely got to be enjoying all that space.
    Hope no one clogged the toilets up. LOL


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