{Quad Squad} Water Works on the Back Porch + Video!

Some days I get a really great idea and just run with it, which is what I did this morning with the babies. It's always nice to change up the pace now and then and do something different—but it's not always possible to get out with the four babies somewhere, so I have to get creative. I also get really tired, because any deviation from the norm calls for extra energy, extra work, extra cleanup and so on and so forth. But on and forth I went and came up with an adorable little backyard splash pad for the crew.

While my nanny fed the babies breakfast, I put down our floor mats over the brick on the patio, which was perfect because several kiddos went slippin' and slidin' but no one got hurt. Success! Then I threw up our play fence to keep them contained, since there's a big drop off from the porch down to the ground. Plus the yard slopes and I just wasn't in the mood to chase a rolling baby down the hill. ;)

We stripped the babies down to their diapers and sprayed them all with bug spray, and I also had the outdoor patio fan on to help keep biting insects at bay. Just forgot to spray myself in the process! Y'all, I must add that in all these photos and videos, I'm sweating my a$$ off, my hair turned into a poof of frizz and I've not a stitch of makeup on. So be kind, friends, when you look at the quad mom!

The husband and I had got a water table for the babies for their birthday and this was their first time to use it. The newness of something is always exciting and they swarmed to it big ol' smiles on their face and busy hands. So cute! I had also set up two tubs of water and brought out nearly every floating bath toy they have and dumped them in the tubs and water table. The kids went after everything like they knew just what to do with it all. Before long, Kailey climbed into one of the tubs of water to sit for a spell and then Logan later followed suit...with a poopy diaper, of course. So we just dumped out the water and put fresh in it and were good to go again!

After playtime started winding down, I took the lid off a large tub with a little water in it that I'd had sitting in the sun so it'd warm up a bit but also keep the bugs out. I stood the babies in there, one at a time, and gave them a quick shampoo and body wash then wrapped them up in a big ducky towel and dried them off on the patio table we'd relocated into the grass. I put down an extra floor mat for cushion on the metal table top and they absolutely loved watching the tree branches above them sway in the breeze while I lotioned, diapered and dressed them.

Kailey wasn't a fan of the water being cooler than her usual hot bath, but she was happy as soon as I'd scooped her up in a towel. And is that not the cutest little (muscular) baby bottom you ever saw?!

Trystan loved laying on the table the most and was all smiles and four teeth the entire time, my sweet thang.

Four clean babies got transported into the playroom while my nanny and I made lunch—grilled cheeses with ham (they'd fish out the ham with their tongue and spit it out!), berries, crackers with almond butter and rotisserie chicken—then put them down for naps. A quick clean up and nanny was on her way and I sat down to eat...and rest. Because now I'm tired. After cleaning off the back porch and putting everything away again, it's recovery time for mommy!
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  1. This is ADORABLE!!! When you and Ben were little we would do water play on the then back deck! I had a deep red wagon and would use it as a makeshift bathtub for you. Yeah, hard work!! But SO worth it!!! AND the baths are MUCH easier - especially when you have to do FOUR at a time!

  2. You are one creative mommy;) The quads look like they are enjoying every minute of water play, the table is unique.
    The quads are sooo adorable. My eyes must be going bad as I get older, you look fine, didnt notice the sweat, friz or no makeup;)
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the smile in my day :)

  3. Love! I keep trying to figure out how to fence our patio in because ours has a huge drop off too, but don't want to buy a corral now. We did water play in the master bathroom a few weeks ago. Novelty is king with quadlings!

  4. You never cease to amaze me....this is just precious and you think of everything! They are just growing so fast and are as precious as ever! thanks for sharing! A friend in East Texas, Pam

  5. You looked good to me like always


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