I Have Walls + A Central Market Discovery!

There are walls in my house! In all my house! The contractors got all the dry wall installed in all the former holes that had been torn out due to mold. (That's since be treated and cured.) I'm so excited that all they have left now is to finish painting! And they should be done TODAY. Carpet cleaners are coming this morning to make the floors pretty and to fog our air ducts one more time—one of our a/c  units had a small mold infection as well. This house is going to be cleaner than a penny whistle!

The hole in the living room ceiling is now patched and the whole ceiling has been painted since I took this photo. Woo hoo!

And the paint is almost done in Harrison and Kailey's room. The room was red red red and it took them three coats to cover it and make it white. After that, we realized the ceiling was very tan! The red had been so disconcerting that it was hard to tell. So they've painted the ceiling white and are now working on the built-ins and trim everywhere. I can't wait to decorate their rooms!

After checking on the progress at the house yesterday morning, I needed a couple grocery items and decided to check out the nearby Central Market and let me tell you, I was in looooove. In case you don't know, I'm obsessed with H-E-B grocery stores. They have them everywhere in Houston and they always have fresh produce, nice stores, Texas-made fare and even their own store brand goods are worth the buy. Central Market is owned by H-E-B so I'm thrilled to have one a short drive away! They had tons of fresh produce, including lots of organic choices, a huge deli, seafood and meat section, an olive bar a mile long and a cafe area chock full of freshly made foods from veggie egg rolls to jicama cole slaw. Yum!

Now I'm EXCITEDLY gearing up for us to move into our new house tomorrow!!! Many of you have been counting down the days with me!


I'll do my best to get some photos and a quick post up by day's end tomorrow to update everyone on our move-in progress and quad-baby setup. Let's do this!
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  1. Happy Happy Move Day! Hope all goes well and can't wait to see more pictures. The house is just beautiful. Have a great 4th of July! Sherri

  2. Almost time!! I know you can't wait! :)

  3. So excited for you! Can't wait to hear and see how everything turned up. Wish you luck and strenght!

  4. I can hardly believe it's moving day already! Your house is beautiful. I am so very happy for you. Wish there were HEB stores here. It sounds wonderful.

  5. Doing the Happy Dance with you, so exciting!
    Central Market sounds wonderful!
    Hoping everything goes smoothly tomorrow,cannot wait to see more pics of the house and of course the quads;)
    Have a Great 4th!!

  6. Yay for walls and discovering Central Market!
    Tag...you're it! I nomitated you for the Leibster Blog Award. Details are here:


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