{Daily Pics} An Impromptu (Messy) House Tour

If I waited to show you more pictures of our new house until everything was in its place and all cleaned up and decorated juuuustt the way I wanted it, well, you'd probably never see a home photo again. Earlier this week I felt like I was making barely any progress unpacking, then I remind myself I have four babies taking up 98% of my day. And then on days like today, I feel like I've finally killed off more cardboard boxes and fed the empty containers to the darkest corners of the garage. Nom nom nom.

Either way, here's what some of our spaces are lookin' like right now. Approximately two weeks after move-in. And six days after our storage units were delivered. And three days since I started working out again. (Sore muscles make for less box lifting and stair climbing and result, rather, in a sort of piling of things.)

my mess of a kitchen! the most used room in the house right now. cabinets are nearly all full and everything out-of-sight is organized and stored. clean-up will be next! 
our breakfast area, which houses the quad table and changing table

the dining room, which became a temporary holding area for many of our boxes from storage

the "adult" living room in progress, with my new paisley-print rug from lowe's that love

entry way, aka shoe storage, laundry storage and dust catcher

our master! got our texas fan installed, bed assembled and hand-me-down love seat moved in. woop!

trystan and logan's room, which will be decorated with pinks, greens and owls. you can see the owl clock and plaque i need to hang up and curtains i need to trim

harrison and kailey's light, bright room with turquoise accents.

my kitty, snowball, loves her home on the landing of the stairs

the second most used room in our house - the play room! kid-proofed and with a beautiful view into the backyard :)

Other areas, like the utility room, guest bedroom and closets, are also in progress of getting organized or decorated. We have plans to paint the utility room a gray blue color and install shelves above the washer and dryer. We still love that we have the space we finally need to store (or create storage) all our stuff. It's been a challenge to start unpacking while functioning in the house, especially the kitchen and play rooms that are in near constant use throughout each day. What's the most used room in your home?
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  1. I hear you on the ALWAYS working on the house stuff. After living here seven years, we're still doing projects. LOL. You are doing a fab job with the place and I love seeing the progress. I am totally envying the space too :)

  2. Love all the counter/cabinet/drawer space you have in your kitchen,and all the windows in the breakfast area.
    We have been in our home 40+years while we have updated not alot of room to expand and to old to take on moving;)
    Like your home our small kitchen and familyroom is where everyone gathers, and to this day the kids refer to our "formal" livingroom and diningroom as the "big people" room when corraling the grandkids:)
    Thanks for the peak into your home,looking forward to more peaks;)

  3. I think you're doing fabulously well, considering how active 4 one year olds are. MY PACESETTER

    The Lord is my pacesetter,
    I shall not rush.
    He makes me to stop
    for quiet intervals.

    He provides me with images of stillness
    which restore my serenity.
    He leads me in ways of efficiency
    through calmness of mind,
    and His guidance is peace.

    Even though I have a great many things
    to accomplish each day,
    I will not fret
    for His presence is here.

    His timelessness, His all-importance
    will keep me in balance.
    He prepares refreshment in the midst
    of my activity by anointing my mind
    with His oil of tranquility.

    My cup of joyous energy overflows.
    Surely harmony and effectiveness
    shall be the fruit of my hours,

    And I shall walk in the pace
    of the Lord
    And dwell in His house

    ---Author unknown.
    From We Didn't Know They Were Angels by Doris W. Greig I posted this on FB, and thought you might enjoy it.

  4. Thank you! I have been looking forward to the photos. I especially admire the big windows and spacy rooms. The breakfast room is a beauty! And the staircase too - lovely.
    So happy that you were patient enough and lucky too to get this house. A perfect house to your lovely family!

  5. I love the quote by Gram! Perhaps we could recover the gilder in a new fabric to go with the room better. I'm game to try!!

  6. BTW do you have an access to a balcony from your master bedroom? In case COOL!

  7. How fantastic to have your home eventually taking shape. And what's a bit of mess here and there? Love your large bedroom! You know what Scottish bedrooms are like...
    At the moment our most used room is our university student daughter's bedroom - she is away working at a summer camp in Canada all summer, and her room holds her stuff from uni, and now her brother is moving back home for a spell now that he's graduated, and is piling his spare stuff into her room. Oh dear!

  8. Just have to say that I love your bed!


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