Making the Move!

It happened. There was a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved (okay, maybe not tears), but it happened. We're in! And the new house is everything we'd hoped it'd be for us. Lots of spaces, the perfect layout, warmth and character, roomy yet cozy. We love it.

This actually marks our sixth move in less than seven years (our seven year anniversary is this September). We moved into our first house right after our wedding, then put everything in storage, rented out our place and moved to Scotland for a year. Then we moved back to Texas, lived with friends for four months, then moved into our second home. Less than three years (and one set of quadruplets!) later, we sold our second home and moved into an apartment back home in DFW. Now we are moving into our "forever home" and, after never living in a place for longer than three years, I'm ready to put down some roots!!

Grandad's truck was temporarily turned into a carnival!
We started the moving process last night. I'd multitasked like a circus master all day long. I woke up an hour before the babies to pack some more boxes, then packed even more while my nanny fed the quads breakfast, then we double teamed baths, then my step-dad arrived and we loaded his truck then unloaded it at the new house, then we went to pick up a dining table I'd purchased and took it back to the house and stored it in the garage, I checked on the contractors who were busy painting then we picked up my mom's dog for her across town and met her back at the apartment where she was manning the couch while the quads napped. Then everyone left and I showered, then the babies were up so I tended to them then let them play in their room while I packed yet more boxes in there, then I finally gave up and sat with them all in their play pen because they'd started screaming bloody murder. Then my step-dad came back over and the in-laws showed up and we fed the babies dinner, ate ourselves, then loaded up a U-haul and the back of a truck and the guys took it over to the house and hauled it all out. Then I deflated like a wheezy helium balloon crawled into bed for a little TV and went to sleep.

And now we're here. After a day that you might as well say was a quadruple repeat of yesterday. What? We do things in fours around here... ;)

the babies enjoyed their new chairs :)

I was a bit disappointed that our contractors still hadn't finished the paint and put in the new baseboards and trim yet, and there's even a little paint to finish up in one of the babies' rooms. And there's dust everywhere. But they're supposed to show up early tomorrow so hopefully they'll get it wrapped by day's end.

Meanwhile, our set-up is minimal but everything's in working order. My mom and step-dad have worked hard all day helping us get unpacked, and my mom literally tore through kitchen boxes and found a home for everything! My mother- and father-in-law also came and the husband was glad for the help since he had to return to the apartment for the two cribs still there, our bed and other key items. We've all been running crazy all day as well as tending to the babies, who have done absolutely wonderful with the transition. They're rock stars!

Lawn guys are also coming in the morning to get our front yard in shape. Next,  I've got to schedule movers to empty out our two storage units and unload it at the house next week. It will feel so damn good to have allllll my stuff back at long last.

Now my arms are about to fall off because it's taken every bit of energy (and brain power) I had left to assemble this post. G'night one and all!
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  1. Congratulations!!!
    You made it!
    All the best for your foreverhome home!

  2. What a wonderful picture of the family, all so happy to be moved into their "forever home".
    Are all your "furbabies" home yet?
    So Happy for you!!

  3. YAY!!! Play date at the Bells house soon to follow ;) I LOVE those baby Adirondack chairs, adorable.

  4. Wow, what a busy weekend. You guys are super parents for sure. So glad you have family that can help you get all settled. I love love your 4th of July picture. They are all saying YAH we made it. Can't wait to see more pictures the house looks beautiful and those little chairs are awesome. Did you know that that color is the color of the year I am hearing. Everyone has that color for their lawn chairs. Sherri

  5. Best wishes from Scotland for every happiness in your new home!

  6. AnonymousJuly 11, 2013

    Congrats on your new home? Whatever happened to your doggies? I hope they were able to make the move with you!


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