{Daily Pics} Smiles & Moments

gorgeous roses (my fave flower) from the husband
trystan being silly
a fun pedicure
harrison having a laugh
the husband and i took all four kids to the grocery store
this morning... they were SO good
kailey checking out the camera
a few quiet moments drinking hot tea on the back porch while it rained
logan tunnel exploring

What moments have you enjoyed in your past week?
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  1. Your hubs is such a wonderful guy, beautiful roses, of course any picture of the quads is great, and love the nail polish color, and so envious of your back yard so private.
    Had a Happy moment today youngest daughter suprized with the news they have started the process of having their "forever" home built,she along with hubby,2 little boys and large dog currently live in a home that is just a little bigger then the apartment you were in, they are hoping to be moved in by Thanksgiving.
    Thanks for sharing:)


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