{Weekend Recap} Recharge!

I have been indoors with four babies, a hunched back and various people around for a pretty solid two weeks. Minus one follow-up trip to my surgeon and a quick visit to the movies with the husband on the way home. Needless to say, I had to get out.

The husband suggested I go hang out with my mom at their RV resort and maybe go for a soak in the hot tub. My mom jumped on board so she picked me up early yesterday afternoon and away we went. Freedom!

We started with a late lunch at Olive Garden, one of our favorite places. We reminisced about how it was the first place she and I ate after I had begun recovering from the quadruplets' delivery. I'd been home in bed for days and once I was able to get up and shuffle around we went for lunch—it was also my birthday and the quads were about a week old. (You can read about it on my mom's blog here. Wow, how times have changed!)

It had felt weird to be out in the general public then and it felt weird yesterday, too. I just haven't spent all that much time out of the house lately and I definitely haven't had the ability or freedom to run errands and galavant around town like I enjoy. Lunch was a good place to start. I ordered the multi-course lunch, which came with a mini dessert. They were out of the mini so they gave me a monster. Mom and I devoured the chocolate cake with no guilt. Tummy tuck, what??

Next we headed to their RV resort, which has been a Godsend for my mom and step-dad. It's really nice with a luxury apartment-like pool and hot tub with flagstone patio, a club house and outdoor grill, pond and fishing dock, locker rooms and laundry resources, dog park and more. They love it!

That's their camper to the right of the white truck.
A peek inside during Christmas. Decorated exactly like my childhood home. 
Afterward, we went for a dip in the hot tub and I soaked up some rays. Which was awesome. Because in-home fluorescent lighting does not count as Vitamin D.

Hot tubbin' in my Coach sunglasses.

We had to keep a time limit, though, since I'm supposed to be spending 23 out of every 24 hours in my compression garment to help with the swelling and healing after my abdominoplasty surgery. When I first had the garment on, I felt like a sausage crammed into too-tight casing. Stuff was spilling out everywhere. Now I can get both sides of the garment zipped up with minimal effort, which means stuff ain't spilling so much anymore. Loads of swelling has gone down, but I still have quite a ways to go. It'll be about six to eight weeks from the date of surgery (Jan. 10) until I start really seeing my new body in true form. Anticipation is in its highest state these days.

Freshly showered and relaxed, I then hung out with my mom and step-dad, Louis Dean, for a couple hours sitting in lawn chairs talking about all we have going on. It was so good to be outside in the open air and I also realized how much I enjoyed that time with my mom. We see each other five to seven days a week with her and Louis Dean returning home about one week a month. It hadn't dawned on me that all our time was spent together in my tiny house taking care of four babies. And now I'm on my second major recovery in a year, so things have been very challenging the past few weeks. Soon it'll all be better than ever and I can't wait to feel whole again. I'm so very tired of getting broken apart then put back together. The quad pregnancy, delivery and recovery were single handedly the most difficult things I will EVER do in my life! All that to say our time together was, literally, a breathe of fresh air and a rejuvenating afternoon in our own relationship. :)

What did you do this weekend?


  1. i bet it was nice to get out! i hosted a baby shower for my sister with my mom. it was wonderful and so tiring! i thought i was going to fall over when it was over!

  2. I am so glad you got out. I would love to spend some time outdoors and soak up some of that vit D but there is just not enough time during the day. And that chocolate cake looks amazing!!!

    1. Krista, you need some chocolate cake STAT. :)

  3. Yeah you got out and looks like you had a wonderful time, which you deserve.Your Mom is one terrific lady:)
    I got out of the hospital about 4 hours ago, while I couldnt go to Olive Garden, Dh did grill a nice steak with some grilled aspargus and made a huge salad for dinner yumm,I am happy.
    Have a great week:)

    1. Bernice, I hope you weren't in for anything major!! And that you're feeling better! Husbands are the best :)

  4. What a great time. Seriously, they have bubbles in that hot tub! How super cool is that. Glad you are feeling better and getting to move around more. You are a super women in my eyes. Sherri

  5. What a great post - I am so glad you were able to get some quality time with your mama!! :) I don't even like cake and that one looks UH-MAZE-ING! :) I've had the flu/strep for a week and the antibiotics are finally making me feel human again. If it wasn't ice and rain here I'd LOVE to go soak up some rays. :)

    Nice to you "meet you"!

  6. Hey, girl! Glad you got time out of the house and with your mama :) that's the best medicine. If you still have any incsions be really careful with hot tubs....even with all of the chlorine they tend to harbor bacteria. And good for you for getting the full size cake, you deserve it!!


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