The Recovery Continues!

It's Day 3 after surgery and things are going well. The pain has been pretty tough but not as bad as the pain I felt right after my c-section delivery with the quadruplets. I've been diligent about staying on top of my pain meds, which has kept the worst of it all at bay. There is no reason for me to suffer any more than I must! I get up and walk around for very short periods of time throughout the day to avoid getting too stiff, and my back muscles cramp and spasm since they aren't used to working so hard. That and the nausea and general fatigue are my biggest issues right now.

Kailey girl came to keep me company for a few minutes!

The husband has been my knight in shining armor as usual, and has been taking the best care of me. He was by my side the whole morning of the surgery as they were prepping me—including when I got a bit teary-eyed and started feeling like my surroundings were becoming all too familiar again. It hasn't been long enough since having the quads for me to feel comfortable in a hospital setting...especially when you're getting poked and re-poked for an IV!

After the operation, as I drifted in and out of sleep the rest of the day, I kept thinking there was more to come and I was going to be there for awhile. Then in a hazy fog I'd remember that I was done, the operation was over and I'd be going home soon! I didn't have to worry about staying prego or taking care of four little lives in my body or fight through another 24 hours of magnesium sulfate. Being able to recover at home has made a world of difference, and I'm so blessed that it's possible for me to do this!

Right now I can't stand up straight, since the skin that's pulled down over my "new abs" is too tight to do that right now, so I hobble around like a glorified Hunchback of Notre Dame. Doc says over the next two weeks I'll slowly begin to stand straighter and straighter, as the healthy skin stretches and grows. Taking care of the drains that excavate blood and fluids from the incision site is a bit tricky, when you get up and walk around you don't want to hold them higher than the level of your incision or they start to backup and spill out the end. And I also have a pain pump catheter that's a tiny tube delivering small amounts of morphine directly to my incision site. So I have to be careful none of those get accidentally pulled out. Hopefully when I go in for my first follow-up doctor visit on Tuesday, they can get removed then. I'm also wearing a very snug compression garment around the clock to help with swelling and also provide support. Today I managed enough energy for a quick sponge bath and then my mom washed my hair for me in the kitchen sink. Now I'm back in bed, ready to dose up again and take a nap.

Trystan Lee dropping by for a visit with mommy. :)
I'm already so glad I made the decision to move forward with the surgery. My stomach is sewn up from hip to hip and my belly button is sewn into a new (much better!) place, so it's a little more cross-stitch-puzzle than flat-new-abs but I can already feel a difference. It feels like someone zipped up my abdominal muscles all nice and tight. I can hardly remember what that felt like and I know I'm going to be able to enjoy running around after the quads and keeping up with our active family.

Other than the occasional Facebook check-in or blog update, I've spent most of my time dozing on and off. It's nice to have so many wonderful people in my house taking care of day-to-day things and, of course, the babies. My husband is doing a wonderful job with my care as well as the babies, and my mom and step-dad are happily tending to their grandchildren, laundry and food prep. And hey, you have to be impressed when I come home having abdominoplasty surgery and still manage to cook everyone dinner! Or cooked that is, thanks to the 12 homemade dinner meals I'd made and frozen over the past couple weeks. If you know me, you know I like to be prepared.

Our nanny April is also here for about two weeks—she volunteered to help us out while she wrapped up some things in town before moving. We are so grateful to have made such a wonderful friend in April and found someone who cares so well for our kids. We look forward to keeping up with her over the coming years.

And thanks to all of you, my friends, family and readers, who have taken the time to lift me up in prayer. It means so much and I truly believe the timing of the surgery and my well-planned recovery have come together as a result of it. Will continue keeping you updated and look forward to sharing the quads' seven month photos in my next post!


  1. Your doing an amazing job. Just don't rush things. This too shall pass and you WILL be up and going before you know it. Thanks for the updates and do know you ARE covered in prayer. Hugs!

  2. You look and sound great after having been through so much! I'm glad you have all the help you do, your mom is amazing!

    Take care and take it slow!


  3. Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated Amber,you are one amazing young lady, continued prayers for a speedy recover:)
    The pic of Miss Kailey looking up at you is adorable!

  4. Amber,
    So glad to hear that you are home. I keep up with all the goings on through your Mom. Best wishes from Illinois!

  5. You look so good girl! I actually can't believe how straight you seem to be sitting up. I have gotten so excited with your tt that I think I am calling this week to schedule a consult just so I can have a plan. You know how us planners work! Keep up the good job and those pain meds. No need to be miserable.

  6. Love the one on one time the babies are having with you. You really are a remarkable woman! So glad that you are on your way to great health!

  7. I am so happy you are home and on the road to a complete recovery!

  8. God bless! Praying for a speedy recovery over in Connecticut! :)

    - Jen

  9. Hi Amber - so glad you are doing well. It is a very difficult recovery following this surgery but you are doing exactly what I was going to recommend - stay ahead of the pain! There will be days when it's uncomfortable and painful but I promise you will pull through and will be very pleased with your results. I had some "work" done over the summer and it's worth all the pain and recovery. Good luck and take care!

  10. Keep up the recovery and DO NOT over do. Of course with Momma there she'll make sure you behave. ;o)
    Hey what are you storing your premade dinners in - freezer bags, pirex, tupperware.....?


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