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Things have long been taken day by day, week by week around here. The pregnancy was a day by day event. Toward the end, I was so miserable and stressed about the babies survival I focused on literally 24 hours at a time. When the babies came home, we just sought to make it one day and then the next. We often didn't even know what day we were on! Now with my surgery, we counted down the weeks and then the days until my abdominoplasty procedure. I worked hard leading up to it to get things ready at the house with diapers, formula and meals stocked and instructions and schedules laid out for easy following.

Now as I recover, I am just taking it one week at a time. I'm nearly two weeks into recovery and I'm starting to get pretty antsy about not being able to do much, but I keep reminding myself that after six weeks I'll be pretty much fully recovered and will never have to look back! The difference this surgery has made will last me the rest of my life, I can't wait to feel strong again and plan to enjoy my new core. I also plan to enjoy the fact that no one will ask me when I'm due anymore!!! That seemed to plague me all the way to the very end. The nurse who checked me in and prepped me for surgery asked if I was having twins. Uh, seriously? Apparently she didn't read all my paperwork saying I was getting a tummy tuck. Thanks lady.

Today I get my drainage tubes taken out, which is about as lovely as it sounds. I had two plastic tubes extending out of the bottom of my stomach, emptying excess blood and fluid post-surgery. There's quite a lot of swelling and fluid retention with this surgery and it takes weeks for it to all go down. I can't wait to see the end results! My incision extends from hip to hip and, while that seems pretty big, it's actually not that much larger than the incision I had from my c-section. My stomach was so big when I delivered the quad squad! The c-section scar shrank drastically as my stomach did in the months after delivery. In fact, I no longer even have it after my tummy tuck, and there's only a small portion of stretch marks left from what existed before. I also have a new belly button—and after a quadruplet pregnancy, well I'm pretty excited about it!

Here's some photos from the past couple days with my munchkins:

Me and LoLo Bear hanging out & watching movies.

Harrison is trying really hard to crawl!

About one week post-surgery and able to sit on the floor with the babies. I'd missed them!

Trystan LOVES her daddy!

Another sweet smile from T.
So while I continue to recover, I'm extremely grateful for good friends and family, like my husband's brother, that pulled shifts all weekend to help with the babies. This in turn gives the husband some relief and also gives him a little time to help me out. My mom and step-dad have been super stars during the week days, feeding, bathing, entertaining and enjoying the quadlings as much as we do! And we look forward to more family coming over the next few weekends until my recovery is complete. Like I always say, it takes a village!


  1. I'm so glad you are feeling better, Amber. Feeling and looking back in shape is good for your spirit. I just feel so bad that you had to go through all this pain. I had drainage tubes after a surgery once and it was a horrible feeling when they came out!

    Anyway...hurray for you for being so organized and making it easier for those helping out. I really admire that in you.

    Have a great week!


  2. So glad that you are getting antsy. That's a very good sign that you are feeling much better. You're going to be hearing a whole different story from folks once you're out and about with the quads. They won't believe that you had quads! (Some nurses...gheesh.)

    How blessed you are to have the supportive family that you do with your family and your husband's family pulling shifts. It's fabulous.

    We continue to pray for you to be all knit back together just as God meant you to be. Take care and enjoy your family!

  3. You all have sure been on a journey! I can't imagine how difficult it must have been and still is for you all but the reward is so great. Your babies are precious, every single one of them. You are so optimistic and inspire me so much. Dear friend, the worst is over. Focus on the days ahead!!! Prayers for a very speedy recovery for you.

  4. Ir is good to know you are feeling better day by day. I know you are getting antsy but do not do things you should not. I once had to have major stomach surgery (no details!). A few weeks into recovery, I felt fine and decided to do some light yard work. what a mistake! I was twisted and miserable for several weeks more! Learn from my error and do not over do!!

  5. You go, girl! I am so jealous that you have a normal belly button again AND stretch marks are going away. That is wonderful! Even as my belly goes down and my scar shrinks, my protruding belly button bothers me, especially as it pokes through clothes :(

  6. So glad you are coming along well.

    And so glad your extended family and friends, are helping out.

    (Friend of your Mom)


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