{Quad Squad} Four Ways Sideways!

This week has been...a week. It's been hard, it's been relaxing, it's been busy, it's been painful (for me, still recovering) and it's been full of little pieces of "new." I love that feeling every day when one of the babies does something a little different or a little better—you can literally see them growing and maturing before your eyes. And it's four times the excitement because there is always someone doing something every day.

My mom and our former-nanny-now-family-friend April took care of the quads part of the week, a close friend came another day to help and then my mom and the husband's mom have been manning quadville for the past two days. I've been focusing on re-cooperating and resting but I have become a bit more mobile and am able to get down on the floor with the babies and play with them a little every day. I have to keep my knees under me and not bend or lean too far, but its doable. Yesterday I may have overdone it a little bit but I was glad to wake up this  morning feeling better and not as much pain. On top of being sick with allergies, I've been sneezing and coughing so much this past week that my stomach has been really sore. I was freaking out at first, worried that all that racket was going to tear my newly reconstructed muscles—not to mention how much it hurt my incision site to create all that pressure and pulling. But an appointment with my surgeon on Monday confirmed that all was good and now that I'm two weeks post-surgery, everything should stay in one piece. Even if it doesn't feel like it. Ugh.

I was very happy to get my drains out early this week, and then a couple days ago a rash popped up on my legs and arms. It's not spreading and its not getting worse, so its either a result of stress and being maxed out or from the combination of allergy meds and pain pills I've been taking. I've stopped taking ALL pain pills at this point, which has been doable so far, and hope it goes away soon. It hasn't transferred to anyone else either, so we're good. I think it's Zyrtec and Advil from here on out. If it's not one thing, it's something else! The good news in all that mess is that I'm now 90% upright. As in nearly standing up straight after two weeks of hobbling around like a hunchback. The last 10% is going to be the hardest, I think, since my skin and muscles are really pulling. But I'm patiently waiting for the day that I can wake up, get out of bed and stand, well, as tall as I am. Stay tuned.

But amidst all that, I have soaked up loads of baby smiles from the quad squad this week and relished every single one. We put out a quilt in the sun in the front yard yesterday and soaked up a few rays...

...and practiced standing up!

We read bedtime stories...

..and fed in assembly lines!

We've played and smiled...

...and read books...

...and sat up by ourselves! Go Logan Bear!

We've had lots of group playtime, including some with mommy (yay!)...

...and, reflecting all of us at one point yesterday, we fell asleep in the middle of what we were doing.

Happy weekend!


  1. They are getting so big and Harrison is becoming such a little man. I can not wait to take the kiddos outside for some play time. It is the greatest to watch them discover the outdoors. I think our lives are a full on assembly line with about 6 different products a day!

  2. They are simply adorable.You dont know how much those beautiful little faces, and your writings can cheer one up when one has been stuck in a hospital bed.
    So happy to read that your recouperation is going well.
    Thanks so much for sharing

  3. They are just amazing with all the new stuff! I can't wait for someone to sit up over here. Pedi said to start spoon feeds now...quad table is almost done! George is going to write a how to post in case anyone else wants to try making one.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! I came across your blog and just fell in love. Your little ones are getting so big!! Thanks again for letting me share in your journey.

  5. Your babies are...just plain fantastic! Beautiful little bundles of joy..how lucky you are. What crossed my mind when I read your post was how lucky you were to have had your four all at once..and that it will all be over at the same time..or very close, and this thought made me smile.
    I had seven little one's but not all at one time! They were only 13 to 15 months apart..and lots and lots of work and this was when diapers were rinsed in the toilet and washed and hung on the clothes line!
    When they all know what you are saying and..:):) and obey immediately, you will be almost home free! I am teasing you a bit..but I just want to tell you that having a large family with all it's worries and sometimes tears, is a joy beyond anything else in this world. Having all my children is the one thing in life I have never for one second regretted.
    I am now 76 years old and a very spoiled grandma and great grandma. My children, grands and greats now number 39 and growing. Only five of my 14 grandchildren are married and have children and I alread have six greats.
    Can you see where I am going with this? What good times are ahead of you!!
    Enjoy every single second..


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