{Daily Pics} A picture is worth a thousand words...

...or in this case, four thousand words. :)

Chubby cheeks!

Must concentrate to get out of this.

Myself and the husband serving assembly line lunch.

Mischievous all the way!

Four very different little personalities.

A glimpse into my future.

Hope your Monday is now a little bit sweeter. :)


  1. What a wonderful way to end a Monday:)
    They bring a smile no matter what kind of day you have had.
    Love the glimpse into your future..you have to feel for poor Harrison, up against 3 sisters;)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome. Loved all the pictures and yes you can see the personality developing in them. I can see they all our going to have your beautiful smile. Have a great day! Sherri

  3. This is really sweet. Just a slice of quad life. I love how each baby is so individual. I can even tell who is who without ever having met in person.


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