My Recovery, Day 2!

By now, most of you know that I underwent my abdominoplasty surgery yesterday morning. My surgeon came by last night and this morning and said everything was looking really good! I have not yet got up the courage to look at the incision for myself, I caught a glimpse of several stitches this morning and that was enough for me. It took me over a week before I checked out my c-section scar!

I had a small panic attack twice yesterday leading up to surgery. It's like a bad case of deja vu after all the weeks I spent in the hospital before having the quads. When the nurse stuck me with an IV, the vein blew so we had to try again. Well, it was just enough to kick-start the waterworks and so they brought my husband back to keep me company. He always calms me with his presence, and several of the nurses said they could immediately sense the love in the room. Awww... :)

My doctor said he was able to fix the umbiblical hernia--it was worse than he thought--remove excess skin, sew my abdominals back together with nylon (the muscles will soon fuse and start growing back together) and he also removed a scar from my busted belly button ring I'd had for ages.

I was on a morphine drip until early this morning, when they switched me to pain pill meds and also removed my catheter. I drink a lot of fluids when I have surgery, yall, and I knew we were going to have an issue. Sure enough, just like the day after I delivered the quads, my bladder quickly filled up and I was unable to dispense it on my own and it was causing a great deal of pain. At first the nurse was literally arguing with me, telling me my bladder couldn't already be full. I told her, in no uncertain terms, I'd been through this once before and I knew that it was. At last they drained it with a catheter, 1.5 liters! A lovely piece of news you were dying to hear, huh!?

Now it also means I have to stay another night until everything starts working properly. Bummer because I'm missing my babies!!! But I also want to be in good shape when I get home.

The pain has been bearable when I'm sitting and being still, but it worsens drastically when I'm up. However, like my doctor said, a little movement will be a good thing! I am staying on top of my pain meds and not missing a dose for the first week until I'm doing better. I decided there is no reason for me to be miserable.
The babies are doing great at home. The husband drove back home last night and sent me a picture text of them all sound asleep in their cribs. Love my little munchkins!

Drop by tomorrow for a guest post from my friend, Lisa! You won't want to miss it!


  1. Once the morphine fully wears off, the waterworks will resume. Been-there-done-that (twice). You're doing great. You're wise to keep up with the pain meds. Rest while you can! Best best wishes from Nova Scotia

  2. So good to hear the surgery went well and they are keeping eyes on you. This will be way worth it and I must say I am a little envious! ;-) Rest easy with the healing!

  3. Oh that bladder thing happened to me after surgery once, too. The nurse was also in shock. Sorry that you had one not believing you. Remaining in the hospital until things start working is a good thing. You'll be home soon. So glad that everything else has been fixed and that you're on the mend already. You are such a trouper.

  4. So happy to hear it went well and they were able to fix you up! I hate my herniated belly button :( Don't know if I want to deal with surgery to fix it though. I've been sliced once and that scar is still HUGE!

  5. You are one of the strongest gals I know!

  6. Prayers to you, Amber...I follow your mother's blog and I am so sorry, I never got to yours. I hope you heal fast and soon so you get back home to those precious darlings! I feel like I know you so well already and I think the world of you and your husband for how well you have managed your lives with all of the confusion, lack of sleep and most of all, abundance of love you have!

    Best wishes for a good recovery. I will be following along on your wonderful journey!


  7. Oh my Dear, so sorry for the set-back. But when you go home, you will be allllllll ready to do so.

    Blogging-Friend of your Mama

  8. Glad all has gone well except for the one non-believer nurse. There's always one.


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