{Quad Squad} 7 Month Update!

The quad squad is seven months old! Well, actually, they're 7.5 months since this post is a few weeks late but close-ies count in quadville, so here's what we're up to these days. :)

L to R: Trystan, Kailey, Harrison and Logan.
The babes are gettin' more vocal every week. And we love all the noise! Kailey is still the busiest talker and will converse with anything that has eyes, like stuffed animals, her grandma or a sibling. Sometimes the siblings aren't all that interested, like Logan who preferred to just grab a tuft of Kailey's hair mid-convo and give it a good yank. I think they shall be the best of friends.

Everyone's rolling around faster than a bowling ball down a lane slathered in Crisco. You put 'em down on the floor for tummy time then turn around and they're halfway across the room headed for Mexico. Or, more particularly, the bottom of the pack-and-play or to stick their legs under the couch. They have abs of steel from raising up high on their elbows and looking around and they are no longer allowed to sit unattended in their boppy pillows inside their pack-and-plays. They've taken to rolling over and twisting around in them so much it's only a matter of time before someone's little hand finds the edge of the crib and hoists themselves over! We'll soon be dropping the bottoms in both the pack-and-plays and the cribs.

Trystan working on her backbends.
Which leaves us currently trying to figure out how we'll accomplish feedings moving forward. Up to this point, we've been using blankets and bottle props to feed the babies in their boppies while sitting in their pack-and-plays, followed by a spoon feeding. They aren't quite able to sit up on their own in a booster seat yet, but it looks like we'll be working on those skills very soon.

It's an exciting time right now. Overall, the babies are really starting to "get it." When you hand them a toy, they reach out and take it. When they're happy to see you, they grin from ear-to-ear and put a hand on your cheek. They extend their arms to play with toys and objects while on their stomachs and they are familiar with the faces of their parents and grandparents, their bottles and other select objects. They've begun holding their arms wide open when they want (or expect in the case of Miss Princess Kailey) to be held, and they've also taken an interest in splashing their legs in the tub during bath time.

They all weigh in in the 14 to 15.5 pound range, which is great. I'm amazed that Trystan's caught up to the group and there's not more than two pounds separating her and the heaviest, Harrison. We haven't measured their lengths in awhile, but they are all looking longer—especially Logan, who popped out a neck a few months ago and who's torso is also noticeably taller.

With their growing heights, come new activities. They've gotten a handle on the jumperoos and spend a great deal of time each day playing in those. I remember when we had to stuff a blanket into the seat with them to keep them from falling over and we thought they'd never be able to reach the toys that were far away! Of course, now we walk by and find Harrison rotating his seat and jumping up and down to his heart's content with a big goofy smile or Logan easily grasping at the far-hanging toy. It's awesome.

Harrison is still managing to lead the group and do most things first. He gets on his hands and knees now and rocks back and forth, like he's seriously really thinking about crawling and we always think he's about to do it then he face plants on the mat and rolls over. Then we anxiously wait (or sometimes, um, "encourage") for him to get back on his hands and knees and try again. He's so close!

Both Harrison and Logan do a TON of drooling right now—like Logan requires an outfit change on occasion if she's not wearing a bib to catch all the slobber. Unfortunately, her bib usually turns into a cape and doesn't always do her much good. I haven't felt or spotted any teeth yet, but I bet in a month or two we'll have some! The babies have been eating great. They get four eight-ounce bottles a day (8am, 11:45am, 3:30pm and 7pm) and two spoon feedings and rice cereal in their last bottle. Right now, they are keen on kale, peas and pears and carrots with apples. I've been making all the food they're eating and my mom and the husband also help peel, steam and puree when I'm not able. It's been such a learning experience to see the quads reaction to mass-produced shelf-bought food versus fresh, homemade. They love it!

The daily schedule we keep works like magic and has made our household into a well-oiled machine. In turn, we've been able to accomplish things we'd normally never have even given thought to, like my abdominoplasty surgery. The husband and I continue to be so grateful for our family and friends who have supported us during this entire journey. Before we know it, I'll be all recovered and we'll be planning the quads first birthday party!

Happy seven months babies!


  1. They are so darn cute,love the legs,with their little chubby rings.
    You may have addressed this, how in the world are you going to corral them once they do start crawling,pulling up on chairs and couches tables and oh my...
    Enjoy every minute, and Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy 7 months!!! They sure cute and growing up quickly. They are going to be walking soon watch out!!! lol

  3. LOVE it! We just pulled the exersaucers down and have the same one Trystan is using. However, ours are full of blankets to prop them and they can't reach most of the toys either. LOL. Glad to know the little one could catch up. Poor Sydney is 3 pounds smaller than our biggest boy (Harper). She's still wearing 3 month clothes when the rest moved up to 6 month (that is a pain for me!) We just got the plans for Traci's quad table and are hoping to get started this weekend. When you are all recovered maybe Mike will want to entertain the idea of making one. He's probably got enough to manage for the time being.

  4. Hi Amber: my sister has twin boys and started a blog to sell the clothes they have outgrown or never wore. Please stop by. She has a lot of shoes and other clothes that she hasnt listed. The Strasburg rompers have been sold but everything else is available. Thanks and hope you feel better



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