Daily Pics: Sangria & Bling

We're enjoying a lazy Memorial Day weekend with lots of movie watching, cooking and flipping through magazines while laying around on the couch. I did remember to tote my camera around with me a bit and captured a couple snapshots.

From top to bottom:

1.) A new necklace I just finished for my stop, Texas Take
2.) Pasta with ground turkey, basil and fresh Parmesan - yum!
3.) My baby dog, Jersey, keeping me company in the kitchen
4.) A summertime pedicure
5.) A fresh batch of coral bead chips for some new accessories
6.) Our "homemade" sangria, aka a big ol' glass of white zinfandel and fresh fruit like lime, orange slices and chopped apple... we love Barefoot Wine's zin, less than $6 a bottle!

Tomorrow we're off to the pool and then grilling some juicy burgers for dinner. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

1 comment:

  1. I wondered if it was 'homemade' sangria. Sounds delicious! We just got home from a music jam session in Dallas. Guess we will have a glass of 'box' wine.....I'll have to try that sangria soon!


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