Coral Brights & Lemon Highlights

Hi friends, I plan to get back to lengthier posts here soon, so today you get a few random tidbits on the fly (it's been a busy day, to say the least).

First, I have discovered Suave's new dry shampoo. I've used dry shampoo before but haven't been blown away by any of them. Some days they seem to work, others they don't. I've tried Baptiste, Tresemme and more, but when I sprayed on Suave's lemon-scented version, it was miraculous. Don't believe it? Here's a photo of me with hair that had been super sweaty from an intense workout at the gym followed by an entire  afternoon by the pool and only one wash from the day before:

It's a sexy mess, right? Ha, don't answer that.

Anyway, this shampoo stuff retails for around $3 so I highly suggest you grab some next time you're at Target, Walmart, the grocery store or drug store. It's literally everywhere and is the only dry shampoo they carry. I can't wait to try it after washing and straightening my hair. Hoping it adds some extra volume, and on days I choose to use my rollers it would probably be a good way to give my hair some "grip" so it holds curls better.

In other news, I'm still obsessed with turquoise... but I've also let a little coral into my life. This is the most recent addition to my Etsy shop, Texas Take, and I'm kinda diggin' the turquoise and coral connection. 

I made it so the necklace can be worn two ways, but the clasp still stays hidden behind your neck.

Whaddya think? What are your favorite colors or newfangled beauty finds? I'm all ears!


  1. I love the dry shampoo. It gives such a nice fresh scent to your hair and allows it another day at least!!!! Awesome post!

  2. I could have used soem of that dry shampoo today! Bet I pick some up on my next trip to Walmart! Thanks for the tip!
    Love your hair, by the way!

  3. Wow! If that's what you hair looks like after being hot and sweaty I better run not walk to get some of that dry shampoo.
    Oh and I've never seen your hair look anything but great anyway.

    Thanks for the info.

  4. that's the best dry shampooo ever


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