Daily Pics: Manolo Blahnik to Crawfish!

"Daily Pics" is a new category on my blog I've decided to launch, inspired by a recent post on Dallas fashion & lifestyle blog Sparkle Birds. I like the idea of having a post to include all those fun, random photos that I tend to gather in a week. I never know where to put them, since some of them (like my precious pets) don't always warrant an entire post. What's that? You want to read frequent lengthy, gushy sonnets about my adorable cats and dogs? Ha, didn't think so.

Enjoy these "daily pics," and feel free to leave me a comment on anything you'd like to know, see more of or ask me! 

From top to bottom:

-A recent Manolo Blahnik luncheon at Saks Fifth Avenue
-My gorgeous dog who naps, well, any way she pleases
-Crawfish at the neighbor's house for lunch!
-Kitty lounging at home
-My new Martha Stewart "Cooking School" cook book... an early birthday gift from my mother-in-law. Can't wait to learn some new techniques!
-New beautiful turquoise cross beads to use for necklaces coming soon at Texas Take

Happy Sunday, y'all!


  1. Ok this is too funny because I've been thinking about doing the same thing since I take so many pictures, I just couldn't think of a post title! So if I end up doing this please don't think I'm stealing your idea! =)

    And I'm so jelly you had crawfish! Mmmmmm my favorite!

  2. What a clever idea!! And now we will see more postings from you I hope! Love the variety of your activities......designers to crawfish to dogs and cats to cooking to designing. Great post!!

  3. Cool idea! I may have to try it one day but right now I'm trudging along with whatever I think of when I'm ready to post.

    I loved the sleeping pup.


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