Home Improvements

Who doesn't appreciate a little before-and-after action? There's something so high-impact about a photo that shows a tawdry item or space, followed by a sparkling image of the renovated results. I find it's similar to winning an argument so well that the other person is left speechless, so you shout "BOO-YAH!!" 

Seriously, that's just me?  

Don't lie, you know you've used that expression before. Or at least you've thought about it.

But up and onward, shall we?

For starters, it had been bugging me that I'd had a framed photo of a deer in the woods in my office. Because it pretty much didn't go with anything in there - just the color scheme. So I scored a cute little mirror for $5 at a thrift store in Galveston and a pair of decorative plaques from Hobby Lobby for about $2 apiece and hung 'em up. Looks so much better!

I also moved those giant white candlesticks to the entryway of our home, but not before I spray painted them with two coats of bright turquoise. I need to inject this house with some color and I'm determined to do it, one way or another. They may not completely coincide with what's on the buffet pictured below, but I smile every time I spot their cheery hue. Expect to see more vivid additions, however small, in the coming months...

Back in the office, we received some discarded shutters from a friend and applied them to the rather large window you see below. I love the look combined with the curtains, and both shutters pull open to allow more sunlight or a gust of breeze when the weather permits.

Meanwhile, the husband wasn't left out. He was busy repairing our piece-of-crap gate, which the previous owner never saw fit to upgrade. We were finally forced to do something about it after both our dogs escaped in the middle of the night and ran free for hours. I randomly woke up at 3am and decided to look into the backyard for some reason, quickly realizing they were gone. An hour later, after canvasing our neighborhood, we were very fortunate to find them together and unharmed. Hence the sturdy new fence and gate that ain't goin' nowhere.

Lastly, I scored this set of mini alphabet stamps at Hobby Lobby... they were 40% off $6.99. I currently use them to make little tags for the jewelry I sell - love that vintage look. 

Speaking of jewelry, my friend is on her way over right now to enjoy an afternoon of "bling creations" so I better get busy... Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. I like the changes. Funny I'm getting ready to post some pictures of the house tonight. Just the upstairs for now. You need to tell me how you did the blue box and arrow on the first pictures.
    Proud of Mike's fence. ;o)

  2. thanks carla!

    i do a lot of my pictures in photoshop...

  3. I love the bright spot of color. And I really love the shutter blinds! I know what you mean about that feeling of pride when you 'redeem' something! Your home very much reflects the owners!!


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