Beach Day Getaway

It had been one of "those" weeks. The kind you just need to get away from. So my friend, Lisa, and I hit the road and headed off to Galveston on Friday for a day in the sun. Neither of us could have been happier the entire time! We started off with cajun shrimp at Benno's on the Beach (a very old seafood restaurant across from the water that I've been going to for ages), then we found the perfect spot to lay out on the sand for a couple hours. After that, we traipsed through the local shell shop that stretches out over the water, Murdoch's, then made a few stops at Hobby Lobby, a thrift store and Michaels on our way out of town. All in all, a perfect day and here's the photos to go with it!

The start of our day, with lunch overlooking the water...

Our beach set-up with gorgeous blue skies and a quiet stretch of sand...

One of the magazines we were reading had an article on how to successfully get away on vacation without having calls or inquiries from the office. Seeing as I run my own company from home and my friend is currently in between jobs, we are worry-free when it comes to beach getaways! Although I have to say that I was pretty disappointed in the article... it even suggested getting four hours sleep before  your last day of work prior to leaving for vacation so that your boss will think you look tired and worn out and really need to get away. It said disheveled hair was a bonus! What a crock!

Office or not, we both snoozed on the sand, waded in the water and listened to Roger Creager tunes before heading back to the mainland. Though Galveston isn't the prettiest of beaches, I was craving the start of summer so bad it might as well have been white sand and clear water. And I got my first burn of the year! If you know me, you'll know I prefer to be tan year-round and whenever I'm poolside I'm slathered in a coat of tanning oil like a turkey in a baster. (Hey, I gave up fake baking and aspartame. Not every moment of my life is dedicated to wholesome-ness... if that's even a word. I'm a sun-worshipper!)

Hope you are having a great Saturday! I'll have a new recipe post coming soon as well as the start of a new blog post category known as "Daily Pics," which will be a montage of random photos from the week.


  1. LOVE love LOVE this post!! Thanks for sharing your 'Beach Day' with us!! I am guessing your mugs at Bennos were BEER.....but I am always amazed you get the SAME saize mug FULL when you order WINE! Love me some Benno's!!!

  2. I wish I could jump like that right now.... or have that stomach again :) soon we will return to the beach with 5 babies in tow!


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