Daily Pics: Strawberries & Coconuts

I still have a few hard weeks of work on my horizon and I've been battling strange bouts of exhaustion lately, but there's always a single scent that lifts me up: coconut. Don't you just love that tropical smell-good? It makes me think of beaches, tanning oil and umbrella drinks. And with summer heating up, that couldn't sound more perfect to me right now. I'm dying to live my life in the water, be brown as a bear and soak up the wonderful smells of paradise.

But, seeing as that's not reality for me at the moment, I'll settle for what I can get. Like coconut green tea (photo below and a link to my brand of choice in the captions at the end) and coconut-scented candles. Next time you see me? Well, I just might be lathered up in tanning oil waiting at my neighborhood pool for the gate to open. Let's face it, I've done way crazier.

From top to bottom:

1. Fresh strawberries and Nutella on whole grain toast
2. A pitcher of Zhena's Gypsy Tea in Coconut Rum
3. A self-made note card using Martha Stewart's new collection of dimensional stickers at Michael's
4. Palling around at my friend's house while taking photos of new jewelry I've made for sale on my Etsy shop, Texas Take (Black sundress was a $10 find at Forever 21)
5. A coconut citrus candle I scored at Hobby Lobby for $5. It stays burning in my office
6. Just for a fun, a photo of me on the beach in Pisa (just outside Florence) in summer 2010. It was one of a few big city stops during our jaunt around Italy

The week is half-way through...
so what gets you to the weekend?


  1. You are so cute in that sundress! I know how much you love SUMMER - heat and all! I admit it is my LEAST favorite season BECAUSE of the heat! Hope you find time to get a little rest....could that be the reason you are so exhausted?

  2. I love the smell of coconut..so yum!!!

  3. Gypsy Tea... hmmm.. may have to try. ;o)

  4. fabulous!!! ;) I love detail snapshots! You did a great job of capturing daily inspiration.

    and thanks for your constant sweet comments lady!



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