Summer Threads & Jewels

Yesterday, I met two friends for happy hour after stopping by a client's office so I was gunning to wear some of the new stuff I'd purchased recently. While you all know I'm not big on "outfit posts," I did think that my blog could use a little color with a bit of summer garb added to my wardrobe. I've been dying for bright colors and carefree jewelry and anything coral. So I was happy to find this tunic top at A'gaci for 40% off $18.50...

The skinny belt is one I picked up at Primark while we lived in Scotland, and the skinny jeans are Top Shop (also from across the pond). I have been living in those wedge heels from Target, love them!! The necklace and ring are from A'gaci and have inspired me to consider making some of my own.

Speaking of making my own jewelry, I have recently added quite a few new items to my Etsy shop, Texas Take, and encourage you to go look around! You might like what you see!

It's been a short week, hallelujah that tomorrow's Friday! I have a super easy recipe post planned for tomorrow and some fun Daily Pics after that, so c'mon back...

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  1. You have been one busy gal! Love all your new pieces. You look all summery in that new top. Hope your life has slowed down a bit! We are nearly home from our trip to Abilene.


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