Jewels & Wine

After reading this post on Centsational Girl, my friend Lisa and I were inspired to create our own bejeweled wine glasses. I read over CG's instructions and then headed to the hardware store for a tube of liquid nails (silicone adhesive, aka waterproof and temperature-proof glue!) that only set me back about $4. Next we checked the local thrift store and found some wine glasses and martini glasses for 99 cents each. I picked up some jewels at Hobby Lobby at 50% off, making the grand total for this project about $8. Bada bing, bada boom!

We made sure to have plastic gloves handy since the last thing I wanted was to glue my gems to my hand or, better yet, get stuck with a wine glass in my grip. (Although I can think of worse things than having a permanent glass of vino at arm's reach...)

With a bit of trepidation, I glugged some glue onto the base of a wine glass then smeared it around with my gloved finger.

Then I put on a new glove to apply my jewels. I started off with a giant wine glass and sort of "cheated" by using some large jewels, then sprinkled in small beads to fill in the spaces between.

Next, I got a little braver and actually made a pattern out of several acrylic gems (the ones that are flat are one side) and I think it worked for the most part.

Now that's a bling glass of wine!!!

Wanna give it a try? Leave me questions or links to your own crafty endeavors in the comments section! And happy drinking! ;)


  1. Oh.my.goodness. I LOVE these and I SO must make me some! Goodwill here I come! I already have the liquid nails.....or rather Louis Dean does. AND I have gems left over from your synchro days. This is the first I have ever seen of this craft! Leave it to you to be on the cutting edge. You look pretty dressy to be crafting, by the way!

  2. What a brilliant idea.. I love it, the glasses are beyond gorgeous!!! super cute blog too :)


  3. Those are too cool. I may have to try this along with all the many other inspirations you and your mom provide me. I better get in gear if I want to complete just one project.
    thanks for sharing

  4. awesome idea...your Mom sent me over...great gifts for the wine lovers...


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