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I think the husband and I are still getting used to have so many weekends at home these days, since that's never been the case before. Prior to moving to Scotland for a year, we were constantly on the go or headed out of town. I mean, constantly... like every weekend. It was rare when we were actually home on a Friday through Sunday. Then when we moved to Scotland, we were traveling to new countries each month and scattered road trips and events in between our trips. We definitely had more "free" weekends, but it certainly feels different when it's spent going to the pub, touring a distillery or traipsing through castle ruins versus cleaning up the garage or mowing the lawn!

At the Glenfiddich distillery in August, 2009.

Once we'd returned to the States this past August, our weekends were spent driving to Dallas to spend much awaited time with our families, in addition to various events and welcome home parties we were delighted to be a part of. Then the holidays hit, and we were swamped with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years festivities (but no complaints here!). Now that things have settled down a bit, we're literally basking the glow of "home life." Because the last thing on Earth that we would label ourselves is homebodies, but for once, it's kinda nice to experience a bit of that. Staying in town and having fun sans an eight-hour round trip trek to Dallas is a novel idea and then some. ;)

All that to say this past weekend was another one of those spent close to home. On Saturday, we picked up some chair railing from Home Depot at long last. It's for my office, which is slowly but surely coming together and looking fantastic! I can't wait to share pictures and keep thinking I'll be done with it soon, but I'm actually having to work in it instead of on it a lot lately, so eventually it will be ready for its grand reveal. We did bring home the chair railing and painted it, then the husband went to work nail gunning it into the wall. I grimaced and squinted my eyes shut every time he airshot one of those babies into the railing... as if closing my eyes would help avoid any wayward puncture wounds in nearby hands and feet! He just finished off the caulking Sunday night and it looks really good. 

Saturday evening we celebrated a friend's 30th birthday party with a beer-themed shindig his sweet girlfriend put together for him. Everyone (well, almost everyone) wore their favorite beer shirts or apparel, carted their favorite brew to the party and sampled the birthday boy's home brewed ales on tap for the event. His girlfriend also makes her own wine, so they are a match made in heaven. I didn't have a beer shirt, but I did proudly sip my Tecate from a kilt koozie I picked up in Scotland. It got a lot of comments!

After church on Sunday, and a big bowl of fresh chili that had been simmering away in the crock pot, I headed over to my friend Lisa's house for craft time. She and some other girls had the grand idea of getting together for "sewing parties," which involve wine, Champagne, munchies and inspiration all grouped together with gals who want to work on their projects in a creative atmosphere. I didn't have any sewing projects on hand, but I did bring all my jewelry supplies to make some necklaces that had been on the agenda for awhile. I was pretty happy with how they turned out! Stay tuned for a post on that tomorrow...

It was a typical around-the-house relaxing weekend. We ended it with a yummy dinner at our friend's house (the folks we lived with for four months while searching for a home post-Scotland!). Now I'm gearing up for another good weekend, this one not so close to home though as I'm packing up to visit my bestie in Arizona! Another of my best friends is meeting me there so the three of us are looking forward to some shenanigans out in Tucson. I am beyond excited to finally see her and thrilled we could all get together, it will be FUN!

Me, Medley & Jessica in July, 2009 at mine and the husband's going away party for Scotland.

There's something to be said about having wonderful and cherished friends in your life. Even when distance separates us and our life paths change, those kinds of friendships are the treasured constants to our every day.

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  1. I am so happy for you guys! You are really loving your home! AND pets....AND friends....AND family!! We are all glad you are back in the USA! Have fun with Jessica and Medley! Can't wait to see the necklaces you made and your finished office. All in good time, my dear!


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