New Years Blitz

After we returned home from Christmas in Dallas, the husband and I were thrilled to have a couple days to ourselves to try and untangle the mess that was currently standing in as our house. The dwelling itself is perfect, but the stacks of boxes, decorations and clothes seemed to be growing rather than shrinking. We knew something had to be done.

So we invited people over. Because, naturally, that was really stupid made so much sense.

Not right then, of course. But we did invite a small group of friends to our place to celebrate New Years. Apparently, whenever there is much cleaning (or in this case, unpacking) to be done, we are super motivated when we know visitors are on the agenda.

Having proffered the invitations, we went to work. In two days, we painted the guest room, hallway next to the front door, unpacked and decorated our entire living room and purchased all the makings for a fine New Years meal. It was a total blitz operation. One day things were in shambles, the next they were totally in order! Before and after pictures always seem to take the cake and, smart thing that I am, I was sure to snap a couple:

Not bad, huh? Here's some other photos of our living room and dining area:

My fun New Years tablscape!

The husband is so happy his ducks graduated from the office to the living room.
(The office is awaiting new furniture and decor different from our past house, as its now my workplace.)

We have finally brought my piano home. It spent the last year at a friend's house.

Another view of our living room - I adore our framed Texas flag!

This hutch is just beautiful and perfect for our Spode Woodland dishes.

The house turned out great, and so did the food. We made ham, mashed potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, red velvet cake and everyone brought something from yummy dips to home-brewed beer. We set off fireworks, chatted with neighbors, counted down 2011 with New York and then Houston, enjoyed Mimosa Shooters and Champagne glasses full of bubbly, drank bottles of wine and reveled in a fresh year with exciting opportunities. It was a great time!

New Years is also very special to my husband and I, as our first date was on New Years eve eight years ago. And we're still as doe-eyed for each other now as we were then. We reminisce often about how we stood out on the balcony that night and talked for hours, both knowing that it was the start of something amazing and perfect. He's the love of my life and always will be!

And no New Years would be complete without Shiner and Jersey celebrating with us! They were so patient and let us put some festive hats on them, although Shiner pawed his off within seconds of this photo being snapped. Jersey, however, wore hers around until it fell off. I knew that dog was mine. ;)

The year 2010 held so many incredible moments for my husband and I. We were living abroad eight months of it and traveling Europe like we never thought possible. I would happily do a recap of the "top 10 in 2010" but I just don't think I could narrow it down to so few. Every day was an adventure for us, living in Scotland, meeting new people, going new places and participating in new ventures. Each trip was also a highlight and created unique memories that we associate with each destination: Dublin, Paris, Prague, London, Zurich, Munich (and other German cities), Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Malaga (Spain) and so many other Scottish towns, castles and landmarks. Our home, which we were so blessed to finally purchase and move into this past month, is full of keepsakes and souvenirs collected from our year abroad - not to mention the hundreds of photos we've incorporated into albums and frames everywhere. And the holidays were a treasured time for us this year as we were able to reunite with family and friends. 

It's a fresh start for us in the Houston area again - I'm working my own business and the husband just passed his Professional Engineering exam with flying colors (an eight-hour elite test that is not easily conquered!). I am just so proud of him. We are nestling into our new digs very comfortably, and are enjoying flourishing relationships with close friends near and far. We also finally feel complete, as all our belongings and our pets are now home where they belong within the past week. 2011 holds promise, new adventures and exciting opportunities for us and we look forward to them as always...

Happy New Year to you and yours, and may 2011 be the best yet!

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  1. Happy New Year to ALL of YOU!!! I am so happy you and Mike are starting the year off with everything under one roof!!! Dogs and cats included! Looking forward to seeing the guest room and office pics when you are done in there! The house looks SOOOOOO wonderful!!


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