Mid-Week Saturday

Hello there! It's been a couple days since I've managed to scrounge up some time for a blog update and in the meantime, all these great ideas have been piling up in my head with ideas and projects I want to share. For now, though, I had been wanting to post some pictures of our weekend. Saturday, in particular. Seeing as it's Wednesday, talking about the weekend is only appropriate, don't you think? I'm so ready for it to be here again. This week has been a long one already. I woke up to the dogs' barking in the backyard this morning and jolted upright thinking I'd slept in far too late, only to discover it was 7:30am. Don't you hate that?

Anyhow, the husband and I enjoyed a leisurely morning this past Saturday, which started with breakfast in bed (I made smoothies) and a movie (Gone in 60 Seconds). I swear, that's one of our favorite things to do is lay in bed on a Saturday and watch TV or a movie, talk, cuddle and let the morning rays pry through the blinds.

Once we finally crawled out of bed, we loaded up our two dogs and headed out to a friend's house in the nearby country. They have a gorgeous new home and lots of space for the dogs to run and play! They've also got two Australian Shepherds with which our dogs love to interact, so the four pups had a great time swimming, retrieving and roughhousing in general.

Wherever Shiner is, Jersey wants to follow...

Sometimes I think Macee and Zoe (the Australian shepherds) found it more entertaining to watch our two dogs fumble around each other in the water!

 There was lots of this...

...and more of this. A group effort!

I always enjoy a good day out in the country, so peaceful.

We sat around on the back porch and drank Shiner, watched the dogs and relaxed.

After returning home with stinky (but happy!) wet dogs, we cleaned up and headed out to Pappasito's for the husband's brother's girlfriend's birthday dinner. Got all that? She's sweet as pie and we were glad we got to celebrate with the group. Plus, Mexican food is always welcome in my book. We got Pappasito’s famous shrimp brochette - a skewer of mesquite-grilled shrimp, stuffed with cheese & fresh jalapeƱos, wrapped in bacon with pico de gallo. It was delish-tastic!!! Like a party in my mouth. :)

Ready to go, in my favorite slouchy boots from Scotland!

At Pappasito's...

Cute gals, if I say so myself!


Sunday, after sleeping for 12 hours, I finally got up and took a long nap just two hours later, if you can believe it. Tired, much? I guess so. But it wasn't all sleep and laziness. Running my own business means doing my own taxes, spreadsheets and bills - fortunately I have a handy dandy accountant to help me with all that. He's pretty handsome, too.


It was a perfectly good weekend that ended all too soon. And now we're halfway through this week and looking forward to Friday night again. We've got plans for a big bowl of popcorn and a movie on the couch (The A-Team, husband hasn't seen it yet!) and maybe some play time with two giant dogs whining for attention in the backyard. 

Coming up:
My Recipes: Spaghetti Squash - it really works!
Mastering the Master Bedroom
The Office - stripes, chair railing and new furniture, oh my!
(I also had promised pictures of our master bedroom clean-up and the complete office over a week ago, but they still aren't there yet! So hopefully we get around to one or the other on Saturday and I can finally unveil some of the hard work we've been doing around here!)

 Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. I love those puppy pics! My family always had a lab and the BF and I are deciding on a dog to get in June when we move to a pet friendly place!


  2. Looks like an awesome weekend!! And YES!! We are certainly looking for those projects pics! Everything takes so much TIME. I am sure it is worth it in the long run and very happy to see you continue to take TIME to enjoy each other and your critters! How are the kitties doing?


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