Bling bling!

I love making jewelry, especially necklaces. It's something I haven't had a lot of time to do for awhile, but I'm finally getting back into it and really enjoying it. I pick up gems, stones and trinkets whenever I spy them on sale at local craft stores and compile everything for when I'm ready to create. Every once in awhile I'll make a bracelet, and I've yet to make any earrings, but mostly I go for the necklaces. It's an item that can totally make an outfit and they're super easy to customize for length, style and color. I think most of my creations tend to come out with a slightly rustic "bling" side to them - they're lots of fun!

This past Sunday, I headed over to my friend Lisa's house to make some while she and another gal tackled some sewing projects. Lisa, knowing my obsession with turquoise, was sweet to gift me with a string of turquoise rocks just ready and waiting for the perfect necklace! I had a cute cross that went with them, so I strung up this lil beauty in a flash:

Here are some other necklaces I've made lately, some of which are gifts for friends, and others for my own personal collection:

I'm really enjoying the process and am wondering if I could even start selling a few here and there. It's nearly rodeo season here in Houston and I know all the women go crazy with their bling, pulling out jeweled jeans, bracelets, necklaces and gem-encrusted cowboy hats like crazy. Think I could have a potential market there! Would you buy one?

Speaking of all that bling, I found a great to store these badboys. My mother-in-law gave me a sewing box a few years ago, which I recently discovered while unpacking all our boxes. It's held thread, needles and buttons since then but I've never filled it up because I don't have an awful lot of sewing supplies. And after we moved into our house just over a month ago, I've been dying to get all my jewelry organized so I can stop having to untangle a necklace every time I want to put one on. It's driving me crazy! 

Today, while sitting in my office, I was pondering some ways I could organize the lot when I looked over and spotted the wooden trinket. Then it hit me: why not fill it with jewelry? Perfect! All the little compartments are the perfect place to nestled my treasured handmade necklaces and tons of earrings for easy access and mess-free storage.

Inspired by my sister who's been making a lot of scrapbook-style cards lately, I sat down and made a few very simple ones of my own last night from some white card stock I had on hand and a couple cutouts and accessories. Instead of grabbing something store bought, I figured these would be a nice touch and a bit more personalized - even if they are pretty straight forward. It's the thought that counts!

What are your current creative projects? I'm also interested in any feedback on the necklaces you might have for me, as I'm not sure yet or not if I want to start hawking some to sell. What's your take?


  1. I think it's a GREAT idea!! Perhaps you could do it through your own etsy shop.....not sure that's what it's called but you probably know what I'm talking about!

  2. LOVE your jewelry. I'm starting to get into the crafty side of myself and was wondering what the secret was to your awesome collection? How do you make them, if you don't mind sharing?


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