Saturday's Calling...

Hello readers! How are you today? I woke up at 8:30am on a perfectly good Saturday, and by neither alarm nor pet. I simply couldn't sleep anymore. How is that possible? Either way, I figured I could do with a quick blog post then hop on the couch to enjoy a movie until the husband gets up. Then it's biscuits, eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast - we sure do love our Saturday mornings together.

Have I mentioned how much I love our house? It's so cozy and charming and just perfect for us and our needs. We're still working on a few rooms, but it's nearly there. Regardless, we enjoy every minute we spend here and it already feels like home.

I'm also a little partial to the pets inside it, too! The kitties love to sniff around on the front porch and poke at all the "green stuff."

Last night, we spent a few hours laying in front of the fire place, catching up on our TV shows. Needless to say, the dogs loved all the attention they were getting and the super warm living room versus the 29-degree weather that crept into our backyard when the sun went down. It's freezing!

This week has left us both absolutely drained from work. It was a good week, just long and tiresome. There were some definite bright spots to bring us along, though. My husband celebrated his birthday this past Monday, he's a dashing 29 years old! Isn't he handsome?

He also received his license to practice as a Professional Engineer. He received word in late December that he'd passed the eight-hour test he took in October, but now he has the paper to prove it! If any of you know him, you know he doesn't rest easy until it's officially a done deal and he's got the proof. I could not be more proud of him - he's so talented, smart, such a hard worker, he has amazing character and he's insanely good looking. I am one lucky gal.

Well, I hope you have a nice weekend ahead of you. We're working on the house today and dropping by a birthday party this evening as long as I'm feeling a little better, and otherwise enjoying the sunshine while trying to stay warm. It's still pretty nippy outside. Check in tomorrow for a new recipe I created that's perfect for the chilly temps - "Leftover" Spaghetti Chicken Noodle Soup!

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  1. How nice to see a new post first thing this morning! You are SO right about being proud of Mike! He is as handsome as you are beautiful....and that means INside as well as outward appearance! I liked seeing the pic of the cats! We are missing them.
    Have a wonderful Saturday! I hear it calling your name!


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