My Recipes: Southwestern Turkey Sausage

Every now and then we opt for turkey sausage as a healthier alternative to beef, and for this particular meal I was hoping to use some items still sitting in the refrigerator like corn on the cob, onions and celery. I had also recently discovered some delicious chipotle and garlic salsa at HEB and that ended up being the perfect touch!

1 package turkey sausage
Fresh ground sea salt & pepper
Minced garlic
Handful of celery sticks, chopped
1 onion, chopped
1 cup salsa
A few small ears of corn, shaved off the cob or a can of corn, whatever you have on hand!
Cilantro, dried or fresh, if desired

Drizzle some EVOO into a large saute pan and, once heated, toss in your chopped onion and celery. Stir frequently until some of the pieces just begin to brown.

Add your sausage and season liberally with the sea salt and cracked black pepper. I like the sausage to be slightly charred for flavor, but cook to your desired wellness, stirring often.

In the meantime, for a light side dish, I steamed some squash and zucchini with sea salt and lemon juice in the pot next door...

Once the turkey sausage is cooked to your liking, add in your corn and salsa and heat through. You may want to season with a little more salt and pepper at this point, and I decided to sprinkle in some dried cilantro at the last minute. 

It's all ready to eat in under 30 minutes! 


  1. This looks AMAZING!!! As does your new blog look!!! LOVE love LOVE it!!!!

  2. This looks FAB-U-LOUS. I love it for the low-carb lifestyle! I'll be trying it soon, thanks!


  3. YUM!!! I love your layout!

    I'm so glad you finally started posting recipes...now I can learn to cook something other than spaghetti!

    Miss you! XX


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