Book Shelf Makover

Over the past year I have been so inspired by several design blogs that I read, and have been trying to think outside the box when it comes to decorating my home and finding ways to incorporate our rustic, Texas country style into a cohesive look.

That said, we're also in the process of finishing off our furniture and replacing any remaining "college items" (like rickety bookshelves and an old-school desk) with pieces that complement our new home and the design aesthetic that we're going for. 

I walked through Goodwill a few weeks ago to scout their furniture and saw this shelf laying on the floor. I immediately thought of it as a potential cookbook rack, it just needed to be flipped. So I spray painted it a satin cream color and sanded the edges a little. 

Then we turned it upside down and the husband helped me mount it on the wall in my kitchen. Now it's loaded with all my favorite cookbooks (I store the rest in the pantry), which makes for easy access!

The books are pretty heavy so we secured the shelf part with extra screws to ensure the bottom didn't fall out from the weight. 

The cream color goes really well against our dark red kitchen walls and it's an ideal size for the space in between the cabinets and the window.

And voila! That was my easy peesy cookbook shelf makeover. Stay tuned for a new recipe post tomorrow!


  1. this looks FANTASTIC!!!! you are definitely thinking 'outside the box' these days....and ending up with a look that is all YOUR OWN!!

  2. Pretty amazing! Wish I had more wall space in my kitchen, maybe in my new kitchen I can give this a try. Can't wait to visit!

  3. That's a great idea! Good job! I've definitely been in a redecorating mindframe lately, too. Happy y'all finally found the right house, hope you're doing well. :)

  4. What a fantastic little book-shelf!!! =)

    This is making me want to hit up a few used furniture and thrift stores this weekend! =) Love it!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. Nice job! I'm going to do this in my kitchen. Thanks:o)

  6. Now THAT is AWESOME! Let me go look around the basement. I know there has to be a circa 1980 shelf down there somewhere! LOL!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. The shelf looks sooooo much better the second time around. Great job. I am now your newest follower.
    Smiles, Alice


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