Scenes from Scotland

Blogging from Scotland was quite the good time, but I've since missed hearing about it and seeing the familiar landscapes and gorgeous countryside. Then it finally occurred to me that there must be folks in Scotland who blog as well. "Genius!" she says with a sarcastic grin.

So I found two Scotland-based blogs that should fulfill my streak of curiosity for a country that both my husband and I fell in love with. The first is titled Occasional Scotland and consists of everyday photos taken by the lovely Linda, who snaps away behind her camera.

I found one of her posts pretty interesting, as it charts the seasons from month to month that she sees daily on her walk to work in Edinburgh - the country's capital city. You'll notice in the photos there's almost always clouds and a misty rain present, very accurate of Scotland's weather!

And speaking of frequent rain, the second blog I chose to join is titled Scotland for the Senses.  

I love the quote they use in the "About Me" section: 

"There are two seasons in Scotland: June and winter."
- Billy Connolly.

It's so true, and I even used the same quote in a post of my own while living across the pond. We were traversing from one side of Scotland (Aberdeen) to the other (Isle of Skye). 

The husband and I on a cusp of shoreline in Scotland's western islands.

But to be fair the blog seeks to combat that stereotype:

"With this blog I want to look past the deep fried mars bars, peel back the layers of dreich and explore all the things that make this country unique, glorious, and above all, a pleasure to the senses."

And so I anxiously follow their day-to-day posts and reminisce about our own time spent there, and hope you can now appreciate some of it in your own little slice of home as well. In that vein, I've got a three-part series coming up that highlights each of the trips we took during our year overseas and some of our favorite moments. Each destination is so memorable in its own unique way and I look forward to sharing them with you!

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  1. Hello Amber! Visiting your blog to thank you for becoming a follower of mine and to say how much I enjoyed your account of your year in Scotland, I was totally taken aback to find you featuring my blog in this post. Thank you for the kind words - and yes, it's raining today!

    I will enjoy following your very exotic life in Texas!


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