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Today we're off to good ol' College Station for the A&M vs OU football game. Mike and I are especially excited because it's been awhile since we've been in either one of our college stomping grounds, and we're pretty pumped about spending many fun hours with beers in hand on Northgate - the University's strip of bars and pubs. My favorite, as is many's, is the Dixie Chicken. The place serves the most beer per square foot of any bar in the US, and College Station is said to have the most bars per capita.

We've had plenty of good times there throughout the years and I look forward to more today. Especially when it comes time to order my Tijuana fries.... delicious french fries smothered in real cheese with plenty of ketchup and ranch for dunkin'. It's a late night beer drinker's dream. Yum.

So as we get started on yet another weekend that seemed to arrive all too quickly, I figured it'd be a good time to recap my past weekend. Work has been going at a breakneck pace this week since we returned from Dallas and I just never got around to posting anything. Bad blogger, bad.

We had a great time in Dallas, though, and celebrated a couple of things like the husband finishing his Professional Engineering exam (a whopper of an eight-hour test) and his 10 year high school reunion.

I also invited some friends over to my mom's house and we had ourselves a little pre-Thanksgiving dinner party with some delicious new recipes and a tablescape my mom and I are pretty darn proud of.

We decorated the table with small Halloween objects retrieved from different areas of the house:

I fastened scrapbooking pumpkin stickers to the top of napkin rings:

My mom brought in fall handtowels and laid them under paper place mates for easy cleanup:

The chefs du jour! Leeanne, me and Medley:

The menu:

As any good weekend tends to do, it came to a close and we made our goodbyes, squeezed our bags shut and loaded up the car. As Mike and I were preparing to pull out of my mom's driveway, my beautiful white cat (Snowball) snuck out the front door to enjoy the autumn air. How adorable!

The husband all packed up and ready to go:

Me and my mom in her adorable Halloween lounge wear:

It's time to hit the road, Jack. But you bet we'll be looking back...

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  1. I love this post! Have a great time in College Station! You take the BEST pics!!


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