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Seeing as Thanksgiving is officially over, it's now a free-for-all, uninhibited scramble as we fully submit ourselves to the Christmas holiday season. Any remnants of pumpkins, fall hues, leafy garlands and such are packed back into storage bins or chucked out in the garbage, and shiny baubles, greenery, candy canes and decorative Santas take their place.

I'm hoping with all my might that the husband and I have a house in time to put up our Christmas tree. This past week - aside from enjoying a fantastic Turkey Day with our families - has been a bit discouraging when it comes to news of the home we're closing on. I won't go into detail as we're still not wanting to jinx anything or share any news prematurely, but we're trying to remain optimistic and pray that it all ends very soon.

In that regard, however, I was in the mood for a few festive decorating ideas, from tablescapes to lacing one's bedroom with a little red and green.

{The Inspired Room}

{Willow House}

{The Lettered Cottage}

{Martha Stewart via Willow Decor}

{Home Decor Crunch}

{Pottery Barn via Home-Designing}

{She Knows}
{Country Living}

I encourage anyone reading this anywhere in the world to share your traditional festive decorative elements. How are you decorating this Christmas? Post descriptions or links to your images in the comments section! 

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  1. A neat idea I love too is to take copies of sheet music.. Christmas songs are nice, roll them and make about 8 logs. Glue together and place ribbon around. with perhaps a sprig of holly. Makes a nice tabel or fireplace decoration.


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